The Truth About Danielle Busby's Workout Routine

OutDaughtered star Danielle Busby is a busy mom to six kids, having welcomed quintuplet girls in 2015 (Riley, Hazel, Parker, Olivia, Ava) after the birth of her daughter, Blayke, in 2011. From raising her big brood alongside her husband, Adam Busby, to being involved in a few businesses, it's safe to say Danielle has to consciously carve out time for self-care. And for those fans who aren't already aware, self-care — especially where it concerns fitness — is very important to the Houston-based mom. In fact, she cited "exercise" as one of three things she couldn't live without in an interview with StyleBlueprint.

Not only does Danielle regularly share snaps of her workouts on Instagram, but she also launched a fitness clothing line called CADi alongside her sisters, Ashley and Crystal. Our passion for fitness has been a constant between us and is a reminder of our strength as sisters, wives, mothers, and business owners," their company's about page reads.

Considering Danielle appears to present herself as a fitness aficionado, some fans might be curious to know the ins and outs of her workout routine. We reveal the reality star's best tips after the jump.

Danielle Busby is an expert multitasker

For someone so busy, it's hard to imagine Danielle Busby finding the time to maintain a consistent workout routine. Her secret? Sneaking in a workout whenever she can, even if that means working out with her young kids. Danielle illustrated this scenario in a hilarious video shared with TLC's YouTube channel in 2017, during which she shared her favorite "short cardio" routines, like mountain climbers. But as soon as the reality star began demonstrating the exercise, some of the quints started to crawl over her back, which made the mom laugh at the chaos of it all. These antics continued as Danielle shared more variations of the routine, like the knee-to-elbow crunch. 

Another tip Danielle shared? Using everyday items around the house for exercise, like the stairs. The Texas resident used the lower step of her stairs as a "step bench" of sorts, a hack her quints hysterically tried to copy.

Now that the quints are a bit older, they can ask questions about Danielle's workout routines, which makes the experience even better. "They kept asking me the whole time, 'Mama is that hard? Mama, are you sweating? Mama, you supposed to do it like she is in the tv,'" the TLC star joked on Instagram about her April 27, 2020, workout routine. "I'm pretty sure I laughed during my whole workout."

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