The Special Meanings Behind The OutDaughtered Kids' Names

OutDaughtered stars Danielle and Adam Busby are parents to six adorable children, having welcomed all-girl quintuplets (Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker) in 2015, just four years after the birth of their eldest daughter, Blayke. The Texas residents landed a reality series on TLC in 2016, and the show has racked up six seasons as of this writing. The series is a big hit, as many fans love watching the Busby kids develop, all the way from their schooling to changes in style.

Not only do viewers get a kick of witnessing the kids grow up, but they also seem to love Adam and Danielle's transparency about a variety of topics. From Adam sharing his struggles with mental health to their openness about infertility issues, the parents aren't afraid to let cameras into their lives.

Considering Danielle and Adam are so open, it's not too surprising they've also revealed the special meanings behind their kids' names. As it turns out, every moniker has a sweet backstory!

Adam and Danielle put a lot thought into their kids' names

Blayke is an arguably uncommon name for women, so fans we were all ears when Adam and Danielle Busby opened up about choosing the moniker during a video Q&A with fans. "We came up with the name Blayke because we both kind of always liked that unisex-type name," Danielle explained in the video. As for Blayke's middle name, Louise, the mom explained, "My grandma was named Mary Louise and I always wanted to name my first daughter after my grandma."

When the quints came along, Oliva Marie became a top contender right away. The couple then decided to play off the name's first letter vowel, as Danielle shared, "Ava [Lane] and Olivia were the only two vowel letter-starting names, so we were like, 'that's gonna be the twins' names."

As for Riley, that was another name the couple "both loved." The little girl's middle name, Paige, was inspired by one of Danielle and Adam's nieces. And Hazel Grace is a moniker from Adam's side of the family.

The final name they picked out, Parker Kate, was a toughie because Danielle wanted to hyphenate the name into one. The problem? Adam wasn't into the idea. "I still call her Parker Kate," Danielle quipped. "And I call her that when she gets in trouble," Adam added.

All in all, it took the pair about a "couple of weeks" to finalize the names.