What Was Cady Groves' Net Worth At Her Time Of Death?

Country music fans are mourning the death of singer-songwriter Cady Groves, who died on May 2, 2020. Her brother, Cody Groves, confirmed the news on Twitter, writing "Rest in Peace little sis." 

After initial rumors about the cause of Cady's death, her brother clarified the situation with a follow-up tweet. "The medical examiner has completed autopsy and there was no indication of foul play or self harm," he wrote. "Simply put, Cady Groves died of natural causes."

He added, "She had some medical problems last fall and our best guess at this point until further testing is complete is that they had resurfaced." Cady's PR firm Big Hassle Media also confirmed Cody's report, per the Tennessean.

The most shocking part for fans was that Cady passed away so young. At just 30 years old, she was at the peak of her career (via CNN). Her brother even revealed that she'd been planning to release an album in the upcoming months. As a testament to Cady's successful career and just how beloved she was, let's explore Cady's net worth at the time of her death and how she made her money.

Cady Groves' net worth was impressive

According to The Cinemaholic, Cady Groves was worth an estimated $5 million at the time of her death. She made most of her money during her career as a country singer, when she amassed a huge following of fans.

Cady's music career began in 2009 when she released her first EP, A Month of Sundays, per Billboard. In 2010, she signed with RCA Records and toured with bands like Third Eye Blind and Good Charlotte before leaving to join independent label Vel Records. She released her debut Vel Records EP Dreams in 2015, with her most recent single, "Oil and Water," released in 2017. 

The singer's record label said in a statement that, prior to her death, she was working on new music and planned to release another mini-album this summer (via Billboard). They didn't confirm whether the album would still be released in the wake of her death or not. But she'd already been excitedly sharing the new music with her close loved ones. Cady's brother Cody wrote on Twitter, "Our latest in depth conversation (since most were witty banter) was her sending me songs to critique and give feedback on." 

Hopefully, fans can eventually hear some of those songs to remember Cady by. After the news of her death, many fans worried that the star's mental health had something to do with her death.

Cady Groves struggled with mental health recently

Before her passing, Cady Groves opened up about her mental health on social media. She wrote on Instagram in April 2020 that self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic was taking a toll on her, saying, "Some days my mental health is AWFUL. I feel completely alone and scared and far from everyone I love and all I can do is keep myself busy and push through." She added, "It's okay to be scared and to have days where you just cry and wear your hair in a bun and don't change out of your pajamas. But it's also okay to take it day by day-like I did today-and have hope." 

A day earlier, Cady also tweeted that she felt "defeated" and that she felt like "we are all waking up every day looking out the window at the beginning of the world ending."

Despite widespread concern that Cady's mental health played a role in her untimely death, multiple sources confirmed that there was no foul play or self-harm involved. 

Sadly, she's not the first member of her family to die at such a young age. Two of her brothers, Casey and Kelly, both died at the age of 28, in 2017 and 2014 respectively (via People). She is survived by her parents, Carol Pettit and Larry Groves, and her other four siblings, Cody, Kevan, Kyle, and Kelsy. She also has three half-siblings, Adam, Carrie, and Courtney Farmwald.