The Truth About The $40 Million Home On Selling Sunset

The only thing more impressive on Selling Sunset than the Oppenheim Group's all-female staff's ability to walk around in power heels all day is the $40 million dollar house in the Hollywood Hills that the agency is trying to sell. The palatial pad appears in the very beginning of the Netflix series as Jason and Brett Oppenheim walk their team around the property, which is still under construction at the time. Which agent will sell the house — and bag the $1.2 million commission — becomes a running question throughout the series, which originally aired in spring 2019. 

Warning: Mild spoilers ahead! In Season 2, viewers again are treated to aerial views and wide, panning shots of the completed home, which sits on Hillside Avenue in Los Angeles. Oddly, that's the only mention of the multi-million dollar property in the season. It likely sold sometime in between filming for Season 1 and Season 2, but the agent who handled the listing is never revealed on the show, nor is the buyer. So whatever happened to this legendary home? Let's dig in.

The house has four hot tubs and a 15-car garage

The Hillside house from Selling Sunset was originally listed for $43.9 million. As Jason Oppenheim told, the home was originally built for real estate developer Jeff Thomas, which is why it's so unique, but he never moved in. Instead, he brought it to market.

The place really is a sight to behold. Sitting at 8408 Hillside Ave. in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, it was designed by South Africa–based agency SAOTA. It has five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, outdoor seating and dining areas, a 175-foot linear pool with a waterfall that goes into an atrium garden, automated sliding glass doors, a 15-foot outdoor television that rises up from the ground and can be seen from any room, four spas, a home theater, a wine cellar, an elevator, and an unrivaled roof deck.

Most noteworthy are the views. Thomas spent an estimated $2 million to bury the power lines in the adjacent lots, making way for clear 360-degree views of the entire city, per CNBC. "The view is unrivaled from any home that I've seen in my life," Jason Oppenheim told, and he's seen a lot of really great homes in L.A., so we'll take his word for it. 

Someone got a great deal on the home

The Los Angeles Times reported in December 2019 that the Selling Sunset Hillside house sold to a lucky buyer — but not for the full $43.9 million that it was originally listed for. Instead, it reportedly sold for $35.5 million. It's still one of the largest-ever sales in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood, second only to when Malaysian businessman Jho Low spent $38.98 million on a house in the Bird Streets in 2012, per the Los Angeles Times.

Whoever the new owner is, they must be really enjoying the 2800-square-foot master suite and the walk-in closet imported from Italy. We just don't know who they are! The buyer's identity hasn't been made public...yet The Hollywood Hills isn't exactly secluded, but the house has 24/7 security, according to The Agency, who co-listed the property. So who knows? The new resident could be someone famous, or just someone with a boatload of cash to spend on prime real estate who likes to stay out of the spotlight. 

In any case, let's hope one of the lucky ladies from Selling Sunset was able to snag that $1.2 million commission.