The Untold Truth Of 90 Day Fiance's Angela Deem

Loyal 90 Day Fiancé fans will instantly recognize Angela Deem, who's appeared in the franchise three times so far: on Before the 90 Days Seasons 2 and 3, as well as 90 Day Fiancé Season 7. In fact, for some of us, it's now near impossible to hear the name "Michael Ilesanmi" and not think of Angela's very distinct "Myyyykull" she utters in exasperation whenever he disappoints her on the show. (Which, for the record, happens quite a bit.) Despite any bumps in the road, it appears Angela and Michael's love story is still going strong.

Of course, reality TV cameras can only capture so much and 90 Day Fiancé stars apparently have strict rules to follow while filming, so fans may be wondering what else they need to know about Angela when she's not hamming it up on TLC.

Beyond pining over her Nigerian boyfriend (who she's got a more than 20-year age gap with), Angela's life seems plenty eventful — whether she's creating TikToks with her grandkids (apparently she's got six!) or getting a glam makeover and sharing the before-and-after results on Instagram. Angela also made headlines for giving back to the community by donating face masks to her local McDonald's workers. In other words, this Georgia woman knows how to keep herself busy!

Angela and Michael from '90 Day' might've (not so) secretly tied the knot

Even when their seasons of 90 Day Fiancé aren't airing, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi's journey still stirs up conversation. For instance, earlier in 2020, The Blast reported Angela and Michael might've tied the knot in what appeared to be a wedding ceremony. The site shared leaked photos and everything, featuring Angela donning a white dress and her maybe-husband in a purple suit.

Granted, Angela's Instagram page currently mentions nothing about this supposed wedding. But given the pair's history of documenting all the ups and downs of their relationship on TV, maybe they're keeping the marital news under-wraps until it can all play out on-screen. Either way, fans need answers.

Until there's any concrete confirmation, this tidbit should tide you over: The super sleuths over at In Touch Weekly uncovered yet another clue that the couple might've gone and made their union official. When Angela's mother, Glenda, sadly passed away, Michael was referred to as her "son-in-law" in the obituary that the reality star shared to social media. Hmmm.

Angela Deem had a run-in with the law back in 2018

While 90 Day fans may be familiar with Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi's logistical issues in getting a K-1 visa on the show, Angela found herself caught up in a different type of legal issue. According to People, the reality star was arrested for a DUI in September 2018 in Georgia. Per the magazine, Angela was reportedly "charged with driving under the influence (refusal), speeding and driving without a license on person."

The booking report obtained by People claimed "a strong alcohol odor coming from inside the vehicle" after Angela was pulled over for speeding. Although she claimed the smell was coming from her passenger and not her, she subsequently failed a field sobriety test and was handcuffed. Apparently, Angela refused to do a breathalyzer, instead stating that she wanted a "blood test" and claiming she "was in fear of her life and that she did not trust" the officer.

All in all, Angela is no stranger to drama. In fact, Us Weekly reported the TLC reality star appeared on Maury twice in 2015 and 2016. While the details sound undeniably messy, the short version is that the visits were tied to paternity issues involving one of her daughters' two pregnancies.

Angela and Michael are still together — and she's not here for any hate

Whether they're officially married or not, Angela Deem's Instagram feed is flooded with coupley photos, as well as gushy posts expressing her love for Michael Ilesanmi. Oh, and she's even re-grammed a few memes, including one jokingly comparing her and Michael to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

On Valentine's Day 2020, Angela wrote, "To my valentine Michael Ilesanmi. Who I send all the kisses to from me and your family here in Ga. we love you baby. And I love you oko mi." She seemingly shut down any haters with a post a few months later, captioned, "You don't care about materialistic things or how much your partner has to offer. All you know is that you love them unconditionally and you vow to give them your heart."

In early May 2020, Angela expressed even more optimism about their future together, writing, "Things work out Best for Those who make the Best of how things work out. #staypositive." She also used the hashtag, #TeamAngelaMichael. According to In Touch Weekly, Angela previously responded to a fan on Instagram who tried to say they didn't believe Michael's "intentions are good." The unbothered star shot back two eye-roll emojis, along with a sarcastic, "Really?"

Really. Anything anyone else says isn't going to change how Angela feels about Michael — true 90 Day fans should know this by now.

Angela Deem is making the most of her reality TV fame

Angela Deem's time on reality TV may primarily focus on her personal life, but she also happens to be a business-minded woman. With over 200,000 followers on Instagram, it's clear that this semi-famous figure has a sizable fanbase who are interested in interacting with her when she's not on the show. Frankly, that's how she's been able to make some extra money on the side.

If you head to Deem's Instagram profile, you'll notice that the link in her bio leads to a page on Cameo. If you don't know what Cameo is all about, Digital Trends explains that the website and app allow "[u]sers [to] basically pay the celebrities for customized shoutout videos that they can then share on other social media platforms." 

Simply put: if your friend is a huge fan of 90 Day Fiancé and their birthday is coming up, then you can pay $65 to have Deem record a message for them. Or, if you are a fan, then you could just pay for the shout-out yourself and get her to send you a message. We won't judge you!