Porsha Williams Reveals The Truth Behind Her Drama With Dennis

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams appeared to be in a great place in Season 11, with the Georgia native announcing her pregnancy news alongside her then-boyfriend, entrepreneur Dennis McKinley. Making matters even sweeter? Dennis proposed to Porsha, a satisfying twist for viewers who had been rooting for the reality star to find love again after her divorce from NFL alum, Kordell Stewart, in 2013.

Porsha welcomed a baby girl in March 2019, an event that was shown in her popular spin-off show for Bravo, Porsha's Having a Baby. The show also hinted at some cracks emerging in the couple's relationship, as Porsha wasn't getting along with Dennis' mom at the time, and she wasn't thrilled that her fiancé bought a new house in Atlanta without consulting her first. "I don't think Dennis is understanding that people look at houses and not purchase right away," she during the special, per Bravo TV. "When I say, 'Let's look at some houses,' I'm saying, 'Let's shop.'"

However, the worst was yet to come, as it was revealed in Season 12 of RHOA that Dennis had cheated on Porsha during her pregnancy. "I literally wish I could wake up and somebody could be like, 'It was a dream, it didn't happen,'" she said, per People. "To be disrespected at the most sacred time in life is like, I just can't forgive that."

Despite Porsha's vow, she eventually reunited with Dennis, and through therapy, she has gained clarity about why the infidelity happened.

Porsha Williams' new theory about Dennis McKinley's cheating

When Porsha Williams found out Dennis McKinley had cheated on her while she was pregnant, the new mom was desperate for answers. The two sought counseling, and during a joint therapy session, Dennis presented a controversial reason for his infidelity. "We had a rough pregnancy, all the way from start to finish," Dennis told the therapist, per Us Weekly. "Sex during pregnancy, it's nothing that a man wants to do. ... And after PJ got here, postpartum was very real." He added, "We cried together, like, every night. That's not a good enough 'why,' but that's the 'why.'"

Porsha wasn't thrilled with Dennis' excuse, telling their counselor, "You don't make a mistake and set up with someone and cheat. "

The two continued their counseling, and through the sessions, Porsha came to a different conclusion about the cheating situation. "When he told he cheated because of postpartum depression, I took it and it rolled right off my back because, first of all, we still had sex and he was my biggest support system while I was going through it," she explained during an episode of the RHOA After Show. She continued, "I knew that wasn't the whole reason of why he had stepped out... I think once we kept going to counseling, it came to, he did it because it was selfish and because that's something he wanted to do."

It sounds like Porsha has put much thought into this situation.

Porsha Williams is holding Dennis McKinley accountable

Not only has Porsha Williams reached a conclusion about Dennis McKinley's cheating, but she has also found clarity about the inner workings of their relationship. Although Porsha once told Dennis that "ignorance is bliss" regarding their romance, she's now holding him accountable for his actions. "You don't realize when you're saying all that stuff like that, it lands somewhere, and it was landing with him, probably in a way too, it's like, 'If I do something, I could just apologize,'" Porsha said during the RHOA After Show. "So this was like the first time of me really putting my foot down and getting him to truly understand that we are building a family, and it is serious, it's the real deal, and I will walk away for the sake of my daughter. And making sure that I am sane in my mind and that I could take care of my child."

Porsha confirmed her re-engagement to Dennis during a December 2019 appearance on Watch What Happens Live, although she has since made it a point that they're taking things slow this time around. "I'm just comfortable still figuring it out," she said during the RHOA After Show. "I rushed it already. We already did that. We ran the sprint race already. We won that prize," she said. "Now, I'm taking my time, and we are working on us, the relationship as parents, and figuring it out. It's not something that just goes away."