The Career Emily Blunt Nearly Pursued Instead Of Acting

It's tough to imagine Emily Blunt doing anything but acting, after her stellar performance as Mary Poppins, which is no easy feat! Not only that, but Blunt has joined forces with hubby, John Krasinski, in the remarkable films A Quiet Place and its sequel, with Krasinski as writer/director of the productions, according to E! News.

Blunt shared on Jimmy Kimmel that both she and Krasinski were wary of doing a sequel to A Quiet Place. She said: "We were really reluctant to entertain the thought of a sequel. But then, John pitched me the opening of the movie—which is amazing."

Emily jokingly added that Krasinski said: "'And you'd be an idiot not to want to be in this scene.' And I said, 'You're right.'"

And that was how A Quiet Place 2 came into being. While it seems like she was born to be an actress, Blunt almost pursued a totally different career and an acting legend talked her back into the acting world. We are so grateful she decided to stay!

Emily Blunt almost walked away from acting

Emily Blunt almost made a decision to leave acting. The star shared with Jimmy Kimmel that she almost didn't stay in her chosen field. So what would she have done instead?

Emily Blunt almost became a pop star! She said: "I could have been Britney. I realized I wasn't good at dancing and I didn't want to be Britney...I don't know."

Her dream of being a pop star actually went as far as recording songs: "I don't want to tell you too much because I feel like someone is going to find these songs." Blunt added: "Do you want to know the name of one of them? 'Ring It Up.' It will never see the light of day," (via E! News.)

During this phase, Blunt was still acting and she got to discuss her dilemma with a major star. Blunt said: "I was doing a first job was with Judi Dench—yeah, the Dame—which was incredible and she was wonderful to me."

She added: "And I went to her for advice because I was really, really nervous about this career that I didn't know was right for me—I didn't think was right for me—and she was like, 'Oh no, darling. You can't do both. You can't act and do that.' She talked me out of it."

Imagine if Emily Blunt had given up on acting! The horror! Thank goodness Judi Dench was there to guide her.