The Untold Truth Of Ashley Olsen's Boyfriend, Louis Eisner

Up until Mary-Kate Olsen's emergency divorce petition from husband Olivier Sarkozy became public news, the former couple had a pretty private relationship. The same can be said for Mary-Kate's twin sister Ashley Olsen, who has been quietly dating her man Louis Eisner since 2017, according to Grazia Daily.

They were first spotted together in October 2017 at Hammer Museum's Gala in the Garden event in Los Angeles, Calif. In 2018, Radar Online reported the two of them were friends for many years before they started dating, meeting through mutual friends when they both attended high school in the Los Angeles area. AOL reported Eisner is an artist, who grew up in California and graduated from Columbia University in New York City. His mom Lisa Eisner is a jewelry designer and fashion photographer.

Just like Ashley, Eisner prefers to keep a low profile. Radar Online confirmed the duo attended the Vanity Fair Academy Awards party in 2019, but he skipped the red carpet aspect because he "just doesn't like the spotlight." Unlike Ashley, he does have an Instagram page, but it's primarily for professional use, showcasing his art. So, don't expect to see any romantic photos on the page anytime soon.

Still, the'yre taking steps forward: In February 2019, Radar reported Ashley and Eisner bought a home together in the Hamptons. The outlet shared, "Louis packed up his art studio in Mexico City and his place in Los Angeles to go with her so they can see each other more."

Ashley Olsen has been spotted wearing what looks like an engagement ring

In July 2019, rumors swirled that Ashley Olsen and her longtime boyfriend Louis Eisner were engaged. She was spotted wearing a ring on that finger during a casual date night in Los Angeles. Life & Style shared photos of the outing, zooming in on the ring. The ring is not what some people might typically expect from an engagement ring; i.e. there's no diamond.

Perhaps the fashion designer just likes wearing rings on her left hand and there's nothing more to it. Entertainment Tonight reached out to the former Full House star's rep, hoping for a comment on the engagement rumors. However, the outlet did not receive a response at the time. Since those engagement rumors emerged, there haven't been any major updates about the couple's relationship. 

At this point, it seems like Ashley and her twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen might be a package deal for Eisner. E! News reported that Mary-Kate has been leaning on her twin for support as her ugly divorce battle heats up. Apparently, Mary-Kate has left the city to spend time with her twin in the Hamptons, which most likely means she's also hanging with Eisner. In Touch Weekly reported a similar story with an inside source telling the magazine, "Mary-Kate doesn't want to be alone, so she's staying with Ashley."

Unfortunately, Mary-Kate's divorce inadvertently shines a spotlight on Ashley and her relationship. Hopefully, amidst the craziness, they'll be able to retreat in peace.