Here's How Much Bethany Hamilton From Soul Surfer Is Really Worth

Being in the limelight since childhood surely comes with its pros and cons. For Bethany Hamilton, her foray into the public eye began in 2003, when she lost her left arm in a shark attack at just 13 years old. Still a teenager, she quickly became known as the surfer who beat the odds and returned to the water just one month after the incident. Her decision to surf again and the boldness in which she persevered earned her the title of a national role model. 

Hamilton has since been on numerous talk shows (including Oprah Winfrey's), authored books, and even has two movies streaming on Netflix about her life as an athlete and survivor. Fans have witnessed her not only grow as an athlete but also in her personal life as a wife and mother. She has skillfully balanced her career ambitions with raising two sons, all the while staying true to her roots in Hawaii. 

All of this hard work has led to her well-deserved recognition and a hefty paycheck to boot.

Bethany Hamilton's story of survival earned her millions

Bethany Hamilton is worth $2 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her road to success began before her attack, when she was just an elementary school student and had managed to win a surfing competition at 8 years old, according to The Guardian. Her raw talent even earned Hamilton her first sponsor a year later, per the outlet.

Although the shark attack she survived came with challenges, she never gave less than her all. Returning to the waters was a fear she had to overcome because there was a much larger fear that she would have to face if she didn't. "I think most normal surfers that aren't overly fearful, they don't paddle out every time with a deep fear that they're going to be bitten," she said to The Guardian. "Even though I have been attacked, my fear of losing surfing was greater than my fear of sharks."

She credits her faith for carrying her through a tough time, and her ability to overcome has inspired books and movies, effectively making her a multimillionaire. "I didn't set out my life to have a great impact or anything, but it is really beautiful to see all the good that's come from what seems like such an awful thing," Hamilton said.