Disturbing Details About 90 Day Fiance's Mark Shoemaker

Mark Shoemaker from TLC's 90 Day Fiancé Season 3 may go down in television history as the creepiest man to ever appear on reality TV, which is really saying something. (David from 90 Days Fiancé Season 5 is a close runner-up.) Mark, who was 58 while filming, rubbed viewers the wrong way when he explained that he went to Cebu City, Philippines and met his first wife there. They got married on a K-1 visa, they had four kids together, and then she bailed. Mark despondently repeats over and over again throughout the season that being left alone with his kids was just not what he had planned for his life. 

Enter 19-year-old Nikki — also from Cebu City, Philippines — who "fell in love" with Mark and came to live with him on a K-1 visa and live happily-ever-after as Mark's second chance at love. After making her sign a prenup agreement on the show, the couple got married. They have almost no social media presence between them, so there's no way to really know if they're still together. But all signs point to them being together still, given that there's no divorce filing in Maryland for them, per In Touch Weekly.

If they are still married, let's just hope Mark and Nikki are doing well, because there were so many disturbing aspects about their relationship.

Mark treated Nikki horribly on '90 Day Fiancé'

There were so many cringe-worthy things that 90 Days Fiancé star Mark Shoemaker said and did to his then-fiancé, Nikki, who also happened to be almost 40 years his junior. The first one is that he made it seem like his first wife was totally gone, although fans of the show who did some social media sleuthing when Season 3 was airing had found pics of them all together on Facebook, meaning that he wasn't totally alone and Elise, the daughter who was on the show, had a close relationship with her. 

Still, kids were a point of contention between Mark and Nikki. Mark didn't want any more kids, which makes sense given his age and history, but told Nikki that if she wanted them, he would have to leave her. At the time, Nikki seemed to grapple with the idea of wanting to live in America and knowing that she would eventually change her mind. There was also the prenup that he made her sign that would result in her getting nothing if their relationship ever changed.

Mark sure seemed to be looking to replace his first wife with Nikki, even if he couldn't get over her. He left pictures of his ex up in the bedroom and also bought Nikki the same exact car he had bought his wife. So gross, right?

Mark and Nikkie sued '90 Day Fiancé' after the show

Mark Shoemaker just wasn't that nice to Nikki on 90 Day Fiancé, joking that he couldn't talk to her while she had a knife in her hand while cooking, berating her for not wanting to anything other than chill around the house while she waited for the 90 days to run out (it's not like she could work!), and for leaving fingerprints on a car window. Come on.

If you ask him, though, that's all production's fault. Mark and Nikki sued Discovery Communications, NBC Universal, and Sharp Productions for allegedly editing footage of them in a negative light, though a judge tossed the suit out. The decision was based on the fact that Mark and Nikki signed a contract to be on the show and the contract clearly states producers and editors could cut up the footage however they liked. And TLC and Sharp hadn't intentionally outright lied about aspects of the couple, so all the footage was fair game, per Starcasm.

All around, Mark just seems like a litigious creep. Hopefully Nikki is happy somewhere, whether they're still together or not. 

Mark may be the 'creepiest/weirdest' person to ever appear on 90 Day Fiancé

It's pretty clear that Mark Shoemaker didn't come off well while appearing on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé. And while he was apparently displeased with how he says the show portrayed him, fans were also less than impressed with what they saw onscreen. When asked on Twitter, "Who is the creepiest/weirdest of these people from [90 Day Fiancé] and [Before The 90 Days]? 1) Danielle Mullins, 2) Mark Shoemaker, 3) Mama Chantel, 4) Paul Staehle," Mark seemed to come out on top — which isn't a good thing in this case.

One person replied, "I'm going to go with Mark Shoemaker." They also listed what they didn't like about him, noting, "His feminine voice, hairy arms, 1980's wardrobe, combover, his condescending tone, his many lawsuits including one against TLC." Another social media user agreed with those voting for the unpopular reality TV figure, writing, "I'm with @WhiteTricks on Mark. The girl [his wife, Nikki] could be his granddaughter and all that 'don't touch the windows' and 'I brought you the same car as my other Filipino wife.'"

Whether or not what we saw of Mark on 90 Day Fiancé was accurate, it seems obvious that he didn't win over many (if any) fans while appearing on the show.