Here's How Much 90 Day Fiance's Big Ed Is Really Worth

Oh, Big Ed. He's just a guy from San Diego who rides his Vespa to work everyday and puts mayonnaise in his hair. No biggie. He ended up becoming the season 4 star of 90 Day Fiance, thanks to his romance with Rosemarie (who is 31 years younger than him, btw) and his short neck, caused by rare congenital condition called Klippel-Feil syndrome. There's a lot going on with this guy. 

While we love Big Ed and admire him for putting himself out there, we're a little curious about a few things. First of all, we know he wasn't exactly truthful with Rosemarie about some vital information: namely, his height (he's 4'11") and his not wanting more children, according to Fox News. While all of this ended up getting resolved, we're also curious about Big Ed's net worth. It might come as no surprise that, like his height, Big Ed's finances aren't exactly what he'd like us to believe. In fact, our Vespa-riding friend has filed for bankruptcy... twice. 

Big Ed gets accused of capitalizing on the pandemic with new merchandise

A quick scan through Big Ed's Instagram bio reveals that he now has three professions: reality TV personality, interior designer, and professional photographer. According to TMZ, his time on 90 Day Fiance has done wonders for Big Ed's photography business. He's gotten calls from people all over the world asking for photoshoots, from family photos to modelling shots.

According to TMZ, he's "converting his garage into a studio now, and once the coronavirus crisis cools down ... he hopes to get in some work." Good for you, Big Ed!

He's also capitalizing on his new-found fame by selling merchandise on Instagram through his company, BigEd Wear and he sells T-Shirts and other products with an anti-bullying campaign behind the items.

Big Ed's clothing company has also been selling masks during the coronavirus but Ed's getting a lot of push-back from fans who are accusing him of making a profit off of the pandemic. On Instagram, someone called Ed out by saying, "Using the pandemic to make money. Lawd."

Someone else wrote: "Ed... please consider donating masks in your community." But that's not the only new venture Big Ed is pursuing since becoming famous. Keep reading to find out how Big Ed is getting creative with his online side hustles. 

You can get a Cameo from Big Ed

Big Ed knows how to use his time in the spotlight to make some quick cash. In addition to his photography business and his online merchandise through the company, BigEd Wear, our 90 Day Fiance star is bringing in some extra cash by selling recordings for fans on Cameo. Big Ed charges $80 per recording and his page has over 370 reviews from fans. That's a pretty decent side hustle!

Big Ed captioned the experience by saying, "Hey, l love my fans you make my day, please let Teddy and I make yours..!" He suggests using his Cameo as a way to deliver "the ultimate thank you." But it won't work out for last-minute gift givers. Big Ed requests four days to complete a Cameo order. 

The reviews are really positive. One person wrote: "Ed went above & beyond with an important heartfelt message appropriate for any stage in life. It was perfect! My kids couldn't stop laughing and smiling, and thanking me. Very cool!"

A major plus is that Big Ed brings his puppy, Teddy, along for the Cameo recordings, so that's always a win! While Big Ed is killing it with Cameos, his net worth isn't as huge as you might expect.

Big Ed's messy finances

While Big Ed knows how to take advantage of his time in the spotlight, his overall finances aren't exactly stable. In terms of Big Ed's net worth, things get a little more murky. According to Stars Offline, Big Ed has a networth of $800,000 thanks to his work as an architectural interior designer and his photography. While this all sounds nice, things are not as cushy as they seem.

According to Starcasm, Big Ed has dealt with money management problems many times over the years and had to file for bankruptcy twice, once in 2004 and again in 2017. In 2004, Big Ed claimed "a total of $133,827.30 in secured and unsecured debt." Part of that debt was $89,000 in student loans. Later, in 2017, his debt was totalled at $126,534.00, according to Starcasm.

Just like Big Ed wasn't as tall as Rosemarie thought, he might not be as rich as she expected either.