The Truth About Selling Sunset Star Christine Quinn's New Husband

During Season 1 of Netflix's reality TV show Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn revealed she'd been engaged three times. During the Season 2 premiere, news broke that she was engaged again to someone that fans hadn't met yet: Christian Richard. In one of her confessional interviews from that episode, Christine vaguely explained, "Christian is big in the tech world. He went to MIT and he's a software engineer and [he] has worked on multiple companies, multiple development projects. And he's retired, but my job is really important." 

Christine also revealed Christian was looking for a house for the two of them to live in and ended up buying one. Her co-star Mary Fitzgerald had a slightly different take on the couple, claiming, "I think he was dating someone else at the time. And somehow, she just clicked with him and they got together." Of course, that caused drama between Mary and Christine later on in the season.

Although Christine originally kept her engagement under wraps, she told her Selling Sunset co-stars, "We've been together nonstop, every second of the day." However, there still isn't a ton of information on him. Just look at her Instagram page — perhaps she's just trying to prevent spoilers, but there are zero photos of Christian.

Even the couple's wedding was pretty hush-hush. In April 2020, Christine confirmed to People that they got married on Dec. 15, 2019. The magazine also reported Christian is 41 years old and proposed to Christine on Valentine's Day 2019.

Christian is only on 'Selling Sunset' for his wife's sake

Since Christine Quinn's husband, Christian Richard, is retired, it's a bit tough to gauge his current net worth, but he's done well for himself. In May 2020, Metro reported the house he purchased is 5,917 square feet and cost $5 million. (At least Christine earned a $150,000 commission from the sale!) During Selling Sunset, she admitted, "I would sit in that open house every Sunday and would picture myself sitting in that house, getting coffee with my husband, and I now live in the house that I envisioned myself living in."

While Christine loves sharing her life, Christian isn't as public. But he's still a great sport, appearing in a few episodes and filming their wedding for Season 3. In May 2020, Christine told Refinery29, "We got picked up for another season and I asked him, 'Do you want to be on it?' He said, 'Oh my gosh, this is so not me.' He's really, really shy, but decided to do it for me."

Christine also clarified how they got together. Yes, Christian became a client, but that's not how they actually met. She explained, "My girlfriend went on a date with him and she's like, 'Hey, I went on a date with this guy who I really don't like. I know you're single; you may want to go out with him.'" And now they're married, which means fans will probably get to know him even more next season.