Courtney Taylor Olsen: Who Is The Olsen Twins' Other Sister?

The Olsen twins are famously private, which is likely why most people tend to forget that there are more Olsen siblings than just Mary-Kate and Ashley. There's Elizabeth Olsen; Trent Olsen; half-brother, Jake; and their half-sister, Courtney Taylor Olsen. While Elizabeth is already making a name for herself in Hollywood, Trent, Jake, and Courtney still seem to be getting their careers off the ground. 

Born in 1996, Courtney is the daughter of Mary-Kate and Ashley's dad Dave and his second wife, McKenzie. According to The Richest, Taylor starred in two movies, Malignant Spirits: Sense of Fiction and YOLO: The Movie, but she hasn't been in anything else since, so it's unclear whether or not she wants to really get into the entertainment industry.

Still, the outlet estimates that she's likely worth anywhere from $100,000 and $1 million, which is a huge gap, but makes sense when you consider that her parents and half-sisters are loaded. Maybe her wealth is just from family. 

Courtney Taylor Olsen stays out of the spotlight

If she's anything like her half-sister Elizabeth Olsen, it's likely that Courtney Taylor Olsen is trying to distance herself from Mary-Kate and Ashley's career. It can't have been easy growing up with two of the most famous women in the world — generations of people grew up watching the Olsen twins play Michelle Tanner on Full House and then go on to a successful movie career before getting out of film and TV and starting their fashion empire. 

There aren't a lot of interviews or even information out there on the internet about Courtney Taylor, but it's likely that she has a similar relationship to the Olsen twins as Elizabeth. Despite rumors that the twins have contentious relationships with their siblings, they do at least seem to take interest in their sisters' lives.

For example, Elizabeth said that the twins helped her learn how to be just as coy in interviews as they are. She told Modern Luxury (via People), "They'd say, 'You know, even if you don't think anyone's going to read this article, someone might pull the quote later for [something else].' It's all part of how you hope someone interprets you, and how they frame who you are and the work you do. They're very tight-lipped – notoriously so." Judging by the lack of info out there about Courtney, it looks like she got the same advice. 

Details about Courtney Taylor Olsen are pretty scarce

The Olsen twins' half-sister Courtney Taylor is on Instagram, but other than that she keeps a very low profile, which seems to run in the family. It's not that they're snobs or anything though it seems, based on some of Elizabeth's comments about learning how to navigate Hollywood. It's anxiety, really. She told Modern Luxury (via People), "I still deal with so many anxieties of how I come across. I'll go home at night, spinning with a guilt complex of, 'Did I say something stupid to that person who I respect? Do they think I'm a freak?' I don't want to think like that anymore."

Of course, that's Elizabeth talking and not Courtney, who might not even be going into show business, but it's safe to say that the entire family shares a similar outlook about when and why one talks to the press.  Until she has a career of her own, or one of the twins actually mentions her name in public, fans of the Olsen family will just have to sit tight for more details on Courtney.