The Most Uncomfortable Married At First Sight Moments

Many viewers watch reality TV dating shows with the expectation that the newly paired couple will never actually make it down the aisle. However, Married at First Sight raises the stakes right away, with the matched couples meeting for the first time at the altar, immediately committing to legally binding marriages. Each season, two singles are blindly matched by a panel of experts comprised of a sociologist, a pastor/marriage counselor, and a psychotherapist. While these experts are hoping to set up long-lasting marriages, that's not always the case, even after the extensive vetting process. The first ten seasons of Married At First Sight created 34 couples. Out of those 34 pairings, there are only 9 matches who remain married, as of this writing. This means that fans have witnessed plenty of cringe-inducing moments throughout the years.

While every relationship has drama here and there, just imagine how uncomfortable it could feel to marry a stranger and live with that person while a camera crew films almost every interaction. Let's revisit some of the most uncomfortable moments in Married at First Sight history.

Mia gets arrested en route to her honeymoon

Mia Bally and Tristan Thompson (no, not that Tristan Thompson) had a rough start to their honeymoon on Married at First Sight Season 7. Mia got detained at the airport because of a warrant out for her arrest. She was accused of stalking her ex-boyfriend and making unauthorized charges on his credit card, according to legal documents obtained by the blog Monsters & Critics in July 2018. In a now-deleted October 2018 Instagram post, Mia adamantly denied the claims against her. "There was NO stalking in Louisiana or fraud, despite the false accusatory statements or negative social media. NOW, I understand why news is called fake or NOT 100% real. NOW, I understand anyone can file a false report and lie to the police. NOW, I understand that there are wrongfully accused citizens in jail," she wrote (via Newsweek).

Mia also slammed the accusations as "vicious lies" that left her "blindsided and confused." The allegations became public news thanks to MAFS, which resulted in some backlash. Mia admitted, "There were days where I couldn't get out of bed, didn't see hope, felt despair, betrayed, taken advantage of and used, BUT in those hard times, I found my will to fight, my will to not live in fear, my will to not be silenced."

Despite the drama, Tristan and Mia decided to stick together on decision day. However, they ultimately decided to divorce, which they revealed during the reunion episode

Jamie cries at the altar — not in the good way

As a Bachelor alum, Jamie Otis might have been used to pursuing love on reality TV, but she was admittedly overwhelmed when she married Doug Hehner during the first season of Married at First Sight. When she laid her eyes on Doug, she cried and said, "This is the worst feeling. Obviously, I wasn't like, 'What a knockout.'" At least she didn't say that to his face, but he did eventually see the footage. During that 2014 episode, she admitted, "I just happened to be not attracted to the guy." She even declared, "I trusted the experts so much and I feel like they failed me." Ouch. Meanwhile, Doug was optimistic about their future together, and it turns out his instincts were on point. In May 2020, they announced the birth of their second child on Instagram.

They haven't forgotten about how their first meeting went down, but they have a great sense of humor about it. In a post on their Lifetime blog they wrote, "We totally won the most awkward wedding in MAFS history. Sweat, awkward smiles, and ZERO chemistry totally makes for the perfect wedding, right?!" In January 2020, Jamie shared some photos from their wedding, including pictures of her kneeling on the ground in tears and having what she deemed "a full-blown panic attack." 

While Jamie and Doug's wedding wasn't ideal, they made up for it when they renewed their vows in 2019 for their five-year anniversary. 

Katie admits to an affair

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman decided to remain married during decision day for Married at First Sight Season 10. They had strong chemistry throughout the season, but Katie was admittedly hung up on an ex and Derek wasn't sure if he was capable of falling in love. During the reunion, they revealed their split. In April 2020, E! News reported that Derek said, "Thankfully, Katie made it really easy not to be able to fall in love with her. I got hurt. Katie confessed to me that she had an affair with her ex about a week ago." He continued, "I find out just several days ago that literally the day after the honeymoon, she slept with him. I've heard it from five different people." Then he told Katie, "I do strongly believe that you did have an affair with you [sic] ex while we were filming and I don't believe anything you say because I don't trust you anymore." Katie denied cheating the day after the honeymoon, but confessed that she had a "physical slip up" at some point later.

In an April 2020 Instagram, Katie wrote, "I said hurtful things, did hurtful things, and for that I've said my apologies and paid the consequences." She also might be in a new relationship, based on a May 2020 Instagram featuring someone she described as an "amazing guy." As for Derek, he told his Instagram followers in April 2020 that he "made some amazing friends" from the MAFS experience.

Brandon's entire MAFS experience was uncomfortable

Truthfully, Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin's relationship blessed Married at First Sight with many uncomfortable moments. For a split second, they seemed attracted to each other at the altar. However, they immediately encountered drama on their honeymoon. Brandon threw a tantrum, refused to film, and berated the producers. That meltdown was far from a one-time thing. Brandon also flipped out on producers during a cast trip. He didn't want to film, and locked himself in a car to get out of it, but, of course, that was filmed. Brandon even walked out in the middle of decision day. It was as if he didn't realize that he willingly signed up for a reality show. 

With that said, it wasn't shocking when Brandon was absent from the reunion episode... at first. As TV Insider reported in April 2020, Taylor shared that they both got arrested when they saw each other at a bar. They filed protective orders against each other, therefore, he wouldn't be legally permitted to film that reunion with Taylor by his side. However, it was unlikely that he would have attended anyway. In a written statement, Brandon claimed Taylor pushed him, which she denied. 

In May 2020, Taylor shared a photo with the other MAFS women, writing, "The only time I had fun on the show was when I was filming with these ladies," which is completely understandable. Brandon doesn't appear to have a public Instagram, which is probably a good call.

Luke's completely cringeworth description of sex with Katie

It was tough watching Kate Sisk's relationship with Luke Cuccurullo during Married at First Sight Season 9. She was so excited and full of hope, but he just wasn't into her and he was unnecessarily cruelIn January 2019, Us Weekly reported that Luke said he was "repulsed" and "felt dead inside" when they kissed. For most of the season, they referred to this "kiss," until one episode when Kate broke down and confessed that they'd actually been sleeping together since their honeymoon, but kept it a secret at Luke's request. They finally discussed all the secrecy and awkwardness at the reunion, at which point tried to claim he thought she had "beautiful" eyes. Kate confessed that after their first time together, Luke asked her if she thought he was gay. That response naturally confused her, but also offered her a segue to bring up how Luke listed an interest in men on his Facebook page, which he said was an inside joke with a pal from many years prior. It's a lot, we know. 

The cringe-fest of a relationship prompted disappointment from fans. One tweeted, "I'm so sick of Luke gaslighting Kate." Another wrote, "The show did a terrible injustice to Kate by matching her with someone who is emotionally abusive. Kate gives Luke several chances to just tap out but he continues to stay. Please Kate be strong and leave him." Unsurprisingly, she kicked him to the curb on decision day and never went back.

What's awkward about getting a lap dance in front of your mom?

Opposites do attract, right? Well, that's probably (a very simplistic version of) what the experts were thinking when they matched Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre for Season 6 of Married at First Sight. Their relationship was more of a slow build, despite Shawniece's immediate attempts to get hot and heavy. She surprised him with a lap dance at their wedding reception, in front of all their guests. As OK! Magazine reported in January 2018, Jephte remarked, "Normally I'd be cool with a lap dance. But, we just met." He elaborated, "My mother [was] right there and other things could have happened that I couldn't control." Those "things" would have made the situation way more awkward.

Jephte could not control his facial expressions and fans could not control how entertained they were in response. One viewer tweeted, "I can never forget that lap dance Shawniece gave Jephte and his mother's face was priceless." Another fan tweeted that while the moment was "so hilarious," the "couple is not finna make it." The astute viewer also pointed out, "[Jephte]'s mama didn't support him doing the show. The bride surprised him with a lap dance at the reception and he was so uncomfortable."

Yes, that moment was hilarious, but that fan's prediction was actually incorrect. As of this writing, Jephte and Shawniece are still going strong and they are parents to their daughter Laura, who was born in August 2018.

Elizabeth slams Jamie for 'basic Caucasian sex'

Married at First Sight Season 9 couple Elizabeth "Beth" Bice and Jamie Thompson had an instant connection, but their relationship appeared to run hot and cold. During an argument about their sex life, Jamie said they didn't have sex enough. In response, Beth asked if he was a "sexaholic" and said they "had sex, like, at least once a day." That's when she went on her instantly iconic rant, telling her husband, "You don't initiate anything. You just do basic Caucasian sex. And it's just like 'bam, bam done.' That's it."

Their season aired in 2019, but there were still so many questions about wildly quotable phrase on the April 2020 special Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now?. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, host Kevin Frazier asked, "Are you still having basic Caucasian sex?" Beth shared, "We have worked so hard not to do that anymore." Jamie went on to reveal that they have "incorporated some toys" in the bedroom. 

Beth also explained what she meant by "basic Caucasian sex," saying, "You know, just missionary, there's no rhythm or rhyme to it. And they don't care if you finish, or they're not respectful of their partner." Apparently, there's more than one variety of basic Caucasian sex. Beth elaborated, "And then, there's, like, the white T-shirt or the undershirt with the lights off, and you can't see anything."

While they've improved their sex life, they'll (probably) never fully get away from their unintended catchphrase.

Amber and Matt still can't make their split official

During Married at First Sight Season 9, Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne were instantly attracted to each other. Once they returned from their honeymoon, however, their relationship started to fall apart. Matt went out with his friends often, leaving Amber at home to film selfie videos of herself crying about their marriage. Soon, word got back to Amber that Matt had been cheating on her. She heard this from multiple friends who also lived in Charlotte, N.C. He denied it, but continued to alienate his wife. Eventually, Amber built up the strength to end their marriage on decision day, which was the obvious call to make. 

Their MAFS season aired in 2019 and they were barely married. They should have been divorced quickly thereafter, but Amber revealed that Matt hadn't even signed separation papers yet during the Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? special, which aired in April 2020. In fact, she brought the papers for him to sign, but he still refused. As Showbiz CheatSheet recapped, Matt told Amber, "I'm not gonna sign anything on a national TV show. I'm gonna have my lawyer look over it and handle it in a professional manner." Amber stormed off stage in frustration and Matt did the same, declaring, "I'm about to kick it with an IG model." How cringe-worthy. At the moment, it's unclear if he has signed the papers, which are reportedly required by the state just to start the divorce process.

Vaughn pushed Monet for sex after she had foot surgery

Vaughn Copeland and Monet Bell got hitched during Married at First Sight Season 1, but, ultimately, they decided to divorce. They discussed their split during the "6 Months Later" special, which aired in 2014. Monet dropped this bomb, "The official ending for me was you wanted to have sex after I had foot surgery. When I told you, 'No,' you were like, 'There's nothing wrong with your hand.'" Instead of denying it, a visibly shocked Vaughn replied, "Wow, you put it out there." When reunion host Kevin Frazier asked for clarification, Vaughn told him, "We both have high libidos." He later remarked, "Well, I was upset about a lot of other things, and that was really like, 'Oh, this is another thing to add to the list.'" 

The two of them got into a heated argument and the MAFS fans had a lot to say about that exchange. One viewer tweeted, "Vaughn upsets me. ... How self-center[ed] and disgusting." Another fan suggested, "After foot surgery, Monet was not feelin it. But Vaughn said 'HAND', he has a hand also, could've took care of himself!!" Good point, right? On the flip side, someone clearly on Team Vaughn tweeted, "To be fair, I don't think Monet should have put out in the street the whole Vaughn wanting sex after her foot surgery." And it was a moment that longtime fans will never forget. So. Uncomfortable.

Dave realizes Amber dated his friend

When Married at First Sight Season 7 cast members Dave Flaherty and Amber Martorana realized they went to the same gym, they figured there must be some overlap in their social circles. They pieced this together in an off-camera conversation, but their (obviously forced) on-camera recap (above) was just so uncomfortable to watch. Amber told the camera, "The other night we were talking and the issue came up of just people that we have in common, friends in common, and it did come up that one of his friends, I had dated." She told Dave, "I'm feeling just a little, like, worried about it still" and "I just don't want you to think about it more." 

That's the opposite of what ended up happening. Dave shared, "I've known this guy for a couple of years and I can remember him talking about her. So, it's just like the whole thing is pretty [expletive] and it was gut-wrenching to hear when it's so personal to me now that this is my wife and I'm finding this out. And, if I'm being honest ... if I had known this going in, I would have dropped out. I hate the situation" Yikes. 

During a confessional, he said, "There are things about Amber, where in a normal dating setting, I probably just would have said 'You know what? This isn't gonna work.'" And, ultimately it didn't. They said "yes" on decision day, but Dave dumped her during the reunion.

Mindy finds out Zach has been secretly talking to her friend

Zach Justice refused to comply with any of the rules/recommendations from the Married At First Sight experts during Season 10. He barely spent any time with instant wife Mindy Shiben, but he did make lots of time for Lindsay, Mindy's close friend. Lindsay and Zach agreed to delete all of their texts and phone calls without any logical justification. After being so patient with Zach, Mindy dumped him in the middle of the experiment without waiting for decision day. That move won over fans. One viewer tweeted, "MINDY! I'm so glad you kicked Zach to the curb. And LINDSAY...She's a snake." Another fan posted, "Finally Mindy...shut the door on Zach (and Lindsay's) a**."

Thankfully, Mindy never gave Zach a second chance because Lindsay wasn't the only one Zach talked to behind her back. During the reunion, the cast learned that Zach went on a secret date with Katie Conrad, another cast member from their season. They insisted they "just got drinks" and "talked about the show," according to People in April 2020. In response to that bombshell, a fan tweeted, "The fact that it was revealed that Lindsay believed Zach thought she was a better match...I...and then Katie got drinks with Zach. Mindy cannot catch a break from these disloyal a** weirdos." But, at least she has the MAFS fandom behind her.

Marrying a stranger guarantees discomfort, but some of these cast members raised the bar when it comes to awkward moments.