The Untold Truth Of Actor And Activist Tyler Merritt

Tyler Merritt created a video in 2018 called "Before You Call the Cops" after a series of incidents where people called the police on Black people for no reason, according to HuffPost. While the video was a huge success when it was first released, it has gained even more traction since Jimmy Kimmel shared the clip in full on his late show recently. Kimmel shared Merritt's video in response to the nation grieving the death of George Floyd.

Merritt's video is as powerful as it is poignant and he encouraged compassion by sharing simple details about his life. The actor shared funny facts like how he hates spiders and that he's done goat yoga. But he also goes deep saying, "I hate that anyone at all might possibly be afraid of me. I'd go around the world and back again if I knew that single act might make your day better."

In light of this remarkable video and so many other things Merritt has done, here's everything we know about the actor and activist.

Tyler Merritt prays for Donald Trump

Tyler Merritt, actor, musician, and activist, is known for his work on Outer Banks (2020), The Outsider (2020), and Parenthood (2010), according to his IMDb. But we also know a lot about his personal life through the information he gave on the remarkable video, "Before You Call the Cops."

Merritt's parents were raised in the south but they raised him in Las Vegas, a city which still has his heart. He's a vegetarian and a Christian, spending almost every Sunday morning teaching kids in Sunday school. His father is a veteran. Merritt also said, "I don't hate our president. I pray for him."

While Merritt is an actor, he's also a true activist and founded The Tyler Merritt Project, or the TTM Project on Twitter, a place where people can come together to find inspiration.

In May 2020, Merritt joined Joshua Johnson on MSNBC for an interview where he discussed the Tyler Merritt Project as well as his iconic video. However, Merritt was clear in explaining what he didn't want to do in the video when he said: "I don't feel the need in this video to have to humanize myself to anybody. But I was hoping I could save lives."

Merritt also spoke about the significance of walking in his life, a theme which has come up in a new video he made. Keep reading to hear what he has to say.

Tyler Merritt walks for all the Black people who can't

Tyler Merritt currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, which was the backdrop for a more recent video he made called, "The Playlist." This newest video was dedicated to "all the Black people 'who never made it home,'" according to HuffPost.

Merritt shared that walking is a huge part of his everyday life. In the interview with MSNBC, Merritt said, "I walk about 3 miles, 4 miles, everyday in Nashville." He spoke about acknowledging the risk he takes when he walks outside and puts his headphones and hoodie on. Merritt also said, "I'm aware that Floyd could be me."

This newest video features Merritt walking while listening to his playlist, including Jay Z, Alanis Morissette, Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West. He gives commentary in the background and it is charming and funny until it isn't. Merritt concludes the video with a chilling end and as hard as it is to watch, it is important. Merritt himself acknowledges that the video is difficult to watch and, according to HuffPost, he says it's "harder to swallow" than his first video.