Meryl Streep's Daughters Looks Just Like The Legend

Meryl Streep's body of work and plethora of acting awards amount to an extraordinary legacy. However, her films and television appearances aren't the only part of that legacy. She and her husband, sculptor Don Gummer, have four children together, including a son named Henry Wolfe Gummer, who is a musician and happens to be the oldest of the four kids. 

The couple's oldest daughter is Mary Willa Gummer, an actress, better known as Mamie Gummer. Their third child, Grace Gummer is also an actress. Their youngest child, Louisa Jacobson Gummer, is a model and an actress who goes by Louisa Jacobson. Aside from inheriting their mother's acting abilities, Streep's three daughters happen to look just like their mother. 

Although none of the women have their famous mom's last name, there is no way that anyone who sees them wouldn't be able to guess who their mother is just by looking at them. All three of them have the same bone structure, while Mamie and Louisa have a similar blonde hairstyle.

Mamie Gummer takes after her mother in more ways than one

Thanks to Mamie Gummer, Meryl Streep started playing a new role: grandmother, which People reported in March 2019. Before the baby was born, Streep told Interview Magazine, "I've been working like mad for quite a while, so I'm getting ready for my first grandchild. My daughter's having a baby in February, so I'm going to go out and ruin her life. I specialize in unsolicited advice." 

While Streep's parenting advice might be "unsolicited," she has shared her wisdom when it comes to acting. In August 2015, Mamie told Entertainment Tonight that her mom shared these wise words: "always defend your person, defend your girl, defend who you play." However, that doesn't mean she gives her daughter feedback in response to every take on set. During a 2015 Today Show appearance, Mamie said her mom "really backed off" when they filmed Ricki & the Flash.

Just because she's Streep's daughter, Mamie never expected to be a superstar overnight. In 2015, The Telegraph reported that in 2007, Mamie said that she didn't expect to get her big break until she reached her 30s. The then-23-year-old actress said she believed this partly because of how selective she was when she chose roles in addition to declaring, "I'm not the kind of girl that a lot of roles are limited to when you're in your 20s. My face is not symmetrical. I don't look like Megan Fox." 

But, she does look like just Meryl Streep, which is certainly working out for the True Detective alum.

Grace Gummer gets mistaken for her sister, Mamie

Grace Gummer is perhaps best known for her performances in Mr. Robot and American Horror Story: Freak Show. While she's also received a good amount of attention as "Meryl Streep's daughter," that isn't the only relative she's often associated with. In a July 2016 interview with The New York Times, Grace discussed how much she looks like her sister, Mamie Gummer. She shared, "People think Mamie and I are the same person." 

The association with her look-alike sister has motivated her to take acting roles that really matter to her. However, that hasn't stopped people from associating her with her famous family. 

When she secured a spot on The Newsroom in November 2012, Vulture published an article titled "Meryl Streep's Other Daughter Joins The Newsroom." Ouch. While there are obviously many advantages to having Streep as a parent, it does come with a unique set of drawbacks, especially since Grace looks a lot like her mom and her older sister, who have both made a mark in the same industry. 

Fortunately/unfortunately, it's tough to avoid being associated with her family members, but at least, Mamie probably knows how Grace feels. And, for that matter, Louisa Jacobson probably understands the feeling as well.

Louisa Jacobson strayed a bit farther from the family business

In March 2015, E! News reported that Meryl Streep's three daughters — Mamie Gummer, Grace Gummer, and Louisa Jacobson Gummer — starred in an ad campaign for H&M's sister brand, & Other Stories. At the time, E! reported that Louisa was signed to IMG Models. In addition to modeling, the youngest Gummer also has some acting experience. 

According to Deadline, Louisa is slated to appear in an HBO period drama called The Gilded Age. She's following in her mother's footsteps as Streep popped up on the HBO series Big Little Lies in 2019. Louisa's Broadway World profile notes that she has appeared in Yale Repertory Theatre productions. She also starred as Juliet in The Old Globe's production of Romeo and Juliet. 

In an August 2019 interview with Vanguard Culture's The Buzz, Louisa discussed playing Juliet. She shared, "I've always loved performing." She also remarked that it was "a dream come true" to play the iconic character. Interestingly enough, the in-depth interview did not mention any of her famous family members. Well, not by name, anyway. The article did mention that Louisa put on "impromptu performances she put on at her house with her siblings and cousins." 

While Louisa, Mamie, and Grace have a striking resemblance to their mother, it's clear that they also inherited Streep's acting skills and her work ethic, which will help them each make their own mark in the entertainment industry.