The Untold Truth Of 90 Day Fiance's Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Larissa Dos Santos Lima made her debut on Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance, moving from Brazil to Las Vegas, Nev., to be with her fiance, Colt Johnson. Larissa, who hilariously nicknamed Colt "Coltee," had high expectations for her life in America from the jump, intentions which ultimately caused tension in her relationship. Making matters more difficult? Colt lived with his mom, Debbie Johnson, and Larissa felt uncomfortable with their extremely close dynamic. 

Despite Larissa and Colt's issues, they married in June 2018 in the hopes of living happily ever after. As for the end result? The duo divorced in May 2019 following a series of explosive incidents, including Larissa's multiple arrests for alleged domestic violence. The reality star didn't serve any jail time for these incidents, and in the month of their divorce, she was ordered to serve 48 community service hours and pay a $345 fine stemming from a January 2019 incident, according to E! News.

Although Larissa's life has quieted down since her split from Colt, interest in her life continues as she's set to appear on the 90 Day Fiance spin-off, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, in June 2020.

So what has Larissa been up to since her breakup from Colt? We dive deep into the truth about her life below.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima's personal life is complicated

Larissa Dos Santos Lima's personal life has always been full of intrigue, especially concerning her past relationships. Case in point: Some fans might not know that Larissa has a son and daughter with two different men back in her home country of Brazil. Larissa revealed via Instagram in November 2018 that she placed her son for adoption with his paternal aunt after the boy's father allegedly stopped paying child support and she was unable to find work. "She was always there for me and she loved him very much," she said about her son's aunt (via In Touch Weekly).

As for Larissa's daughter, she had hoped to bring the child to America once she got settled, but that this hasn't happened as of this writing. In the meantime, the girl lives with Larissa's father and his wife, as she revealed on Instagram (via In Touch Weekly).

Not only has Larissa struggled with family issues, but she also hasn't had it easy in the love department. The Brazilian announced her breakup from boyfriend Eric Nichols in September 2019, writing on Instagram (via E! News), "I try to heal one painful breakup by jumping in relationship with Erickee but I know now I need to work on me and focus on my healing of my scars." 

However, the two reunited in March 2020, officially putting the relationship in the on-again, off-again category.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima wants to make amends

It's no secret Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Debbie Johnson did not get along during her relationship with Colt Johnson. Who could ever forget Larissa's famous "who is against the queen will die!" line, right? 

Despite the contentious history between the two, it appears Larissa wants to make amends with her former mother-in-law. She revealed this wish in a December 2019 Instagram post (via E! News), writing, "A new year, a new decade is quickly approaching. While I have been working to better my mind, body, and spirit in 2019, I want 2020 to be the year or renewal and to cleanse all the bad energy from the past."

She then addressed Debbie directly, saying she'll "always have a place" in her heart for Colt's mom. Larissa continued, "I ask you all please, not to insult my former mother in law. This is something I want to stop once and for all...She does not deserve to be insulted or hurt. She is a good person, and one day I hope to see her in a restaurant or in a shop, and hug her."

As for whether Debbie feels the same? That remains to be seen.