This Is Jennifer Lopez's Favorite Song She's Done

Jennifer Lopez has been in the business for decades, and her discography is so massive that it can be hard to pick a favorite song. But her biggest fan and fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, has picked his definitive favorite Jennifer Lopez song — and J.Lo agrees with his pick. Apparently, one of Lopez and Rodriguez's favorite things to do is have dance parties, and they actually (if you believe them) dance it out to some of her own music. 

Of course, dance has been a huge part of J.Lo's career — she started off as a Fly Girl for In Living Color in 1991, after all. And although she can sing, the biggest draw to her performances isn't exactly her vocal range — it's her ability to get down. 

Dance parties are also close to her heart. She told Glamour in May 2020 that she wished she could see her mom despite coronavirus social distancing so they could enjoy this passion together. "I would like my mom to come over for a dance party." She added, "My mom [Guadalupe Rodriguez] is always front-row at my shows, dancing to all the choreography, jumping up and down, and screaming the loudest. We've had dance parties since I was four or five years old, and we have hadn't one in a while."

Lopez is lucky she has a mom and a fiancé who are always down to shake it off. So what's her go-to tune? 

Alex Rodriguez and J.Lo's favorite song makes perfect sense

As it turns out, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez enjoy dancing to the same song from her discography. She told Glamour that these days, "it's all about" the tune "Dance Again," her 2012 single featuring Pitbull. She added, "It's Alex's favorite song of mine, period." She also mentioned how they were working on a TikTok dance for it.

So why is this song especially important to J. Lo? She told the outlet, "I remember that when I got divorced [from ex-husband Marc Anthony], I did a song called 'Dance Again' and all I wanted was to feel like I wanted to dance again — and laugh and love and get up off my feet. In times of uncertainty and anxiety and sadness and fear, you want that feeling. You want to just forget about your troubles for a little while."

A-Rod also told Vanity Fair in a 28 Questions video segment from 2017 that he also loves Lopez's is "On The Floor" and "anything" from the "Jenny from the Block" era.

That all being said, the upbeat "Dance Again" reigns supreme in the A-rod-Lopez household, which makes perfect sense. "There were times in my life when my career was going great, and my personal life was going OK. And there were times my personal life was stable, but my career was not great," she told Glamour. "This is the first time where I have a really beautiful alignment between the two."