The Real Reason Jennifer Garner Takes Her Cat For Walks In A Stroller

Jennifer Garner is an award-winning (and wealthy) actress who thrilled fans as a spy-like agent on the show Alias and made them feel nostalgic in the 2004 film 13 Going On 30. And while, for the most part, she's stepped back from Hollywood these days, Garner seems to be pretty busy at home taking care of her kids ... and her cat.

The actress made a virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on June 15, 2020, and explained to the host why she ended up doing something rather unexpected with her feline friend. First noting that she was trying to get her kids — Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel — who she shares with her ex, Ben Affleck, to go outside with her and get some fresh air during the coronavirus isolation period, she ended up facing some resistance.

"One of my kids was not into going for walks and we just had to get out of the house and I said, 'What can we do? We have to just commit to going for walks,'" Garner said. Fortunately, the kiddo was willing to compromise and had a suggestion that resulted in an adorably quirky situation.

Jennifer Garner thinks her cat is 'titillated' by stroller adventures

When taking a stroll, it can certainly be more enjoyable if you take an eager and energetic dog along with you. But what about a cat? Jennifer Garner explained on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that when she wanted her children to join her on regular walks outside, one of her daughters told the star, "I want to take the cat." So, being the easy-going and down-to-earth celebrity that she is, Garner agreed. But they didn't just pop their pet on a leash. Instead, Garner said, "We ordered a cat stroller."

Yes, a stroller for her cat. Basically, it's just like a stroller for a baby, but it has mesh in certain places so that the feline can look out, but not get out.

When asked how her cat likes the outings, the actress admitted, "It's a little bit like, 'Why am I in here?'" However, she added, "But I think it's happy to go out and about. I mean, it's very titillated by the whole ... adventure," noting, "It's into it." When you take a look at the photo of the cat in question, it certainly does seem pretty alert while on its outdoor adventure.

Granted, it might be taking Garner a little more time to accept the arrangement. Frankly, she (jokingly ... kind of) told Ellen DeGeneres that there's someone to blame for the fact that she's fallen down a cat-related rabbit-hole.

The star (jokingly?) blamed Jessica Seinfeld for the cat stroller situation

Jennifer Garner's daughter may have come up with the idea to take their cat out for walks with them, and the actress herself may have agreed to the request that led to a cat stroller, however, the star says that there's someone else who is really responsible for the entire pet-related situation.

"I blame Jessica Seinfeld," Garner revealed during her chat on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in June 2020, referring to the wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld. "I want Jessica Seinfeld to know that I blame her because she is like a cat lady and all of a sudden now I have a cat and I have a cat stroller and I take it for walks."

Indeed, Jessica appears to adore cats. Just take a peek at her Instagram account and you'll see a cat lounging in comfort, a cat posing with flowers, and even a cat indulging in some catnip. And yes, she does have her own cat stroller.

If you think this sounds like an over-the-top way to treat your pet, just wait until you find out how some other stars spoil their beloved animals.

Jennifer Garner isn't the only celebrity who pampers their pet

Yes, Jennifer Garner bought her cat a stroller in order to appease her daughter who wouldn't go for a walk otherwise. That being said, there are plenty of celebrities who not only treat their pets like human children, but are also willing to pay a fortune to keep their animals living the kind of life that many people could only dream of.

For instance, Paris Hilton paid $325,000 for a "puppy mansion ... that resembled her own Los Angeles home," according to Us Weekly, while Jennifer Aniston's dog, Norman, used to get "the star treatment with his own masseuse" before he passed away in 2011. Page Six notes that Mariah Carey "reportedly drops at least $45,000 a year on spa treatments for her beloved pooches. The pups ... even flew first class to LA ... which cost over $2,000 per dog, sources said." Britney Spears apparently spent $29,852 on her dogs over one year back in 2016, which was "slightly down from the previous year," per TMZ.

And then, there's Oprah. Extra explained that the media mogul had reportedly "set up a trust fund for her pooches should anything happen to her." What does that mean? Well, she was supposedly going to leave "$30 million to her four beloved canines." While the star's reps told the outlet that there wasn't any "truth to the reports," we still have no doubt that those are some pretty pampered pups.