The Truth About Mackenzie McKee's Relationship

Fans of the Teen Mom franchise expect the drama, and in each season and spin-off, the ladies deliver. Longtime viewers probably already know that fan-favorite Mackenzie McKee, known for her spunky personality, go-getter attitude, and optimistic outlook, has had a turbulent relationship with her husband, Josh, for years. The ups-and-downs of their romance started back in Mackenzie's 2012 episode of 16 & Pregnant, continued in the now-defunct Teen Mom 3, and plays out on Teen Mom OG as of August 2019.

For one, both Mackenzie and Josh — who share kids Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs — have filed for divorce from each other at different points in their marriage, although they've never gone through with it as of this writing. And as portrayed on social media and the show, both parties have admitted to cheating, according to People. Talk about a complicated situation.

Below, see some of the twists and turns of Mackenzie and Josh's marriage — as well as their most current relationship status.

Mackenzie McKee accused Josh of cheating on her with a family member

In a startling revelation, Mackenzie McKee posted on Facebook in May 2020 (the post has since been deleted), that her husband, Josh McKee, had cheated allegedly on her with her "close cousin" — just one week after her mom died. Mackenzie wrote that she looked at his phone records, only to find out that he "was texting a woman 3-600 times per month and calling her on these nights he was 'fishing' until 3 a.m.," according to People.

" ... I go to call the number and it was my close cousin," she continued. "What all went on? Idk. My family will never be the same and we are all torn."

A few weeks later, Josh took to Instagram to post an image that reads, "Better worry bout your own sins, cause God ain't gonna ask you about mine." He also commented to fans, "This is not a one sided ball game."

Mackenzie then backtracked on Twitter, writing, "When your an idiot and don't listen to your siblings. So you make a status on fb without knowing your facts and now it's posted in articles on the daily."

The mom also clarified that the alleged incident was an "emotional affair," as she told Champion Daily. "He obviously has issues in life," Mackenzie added. "I pray he finds someone who will be nice to me and good for him and to my kids."

What is Mackenzie and Josh McKee's current relationship status?

As of July 2020, Mackenzie and Josh McKee are currently not together. Still, they seem to have the co-parenting thing down pat.

During a recent trip to a water park with their kids, the family posed for a series of photos that the reality star uploaded to Instagram — which included a shot of the family of five, with Mackenzie calling her and Josh "best friends" in the comments section of the post.

"I think it's so awesome how well you guys coparent!" wrote a fan in response to the images, per In Touch Weekly.

"Best friends for life," Mackenzie replied. "The only way to do it."

Despite the constant back-and-forth, the painful emotions, the alleged infidelity, and more, it's good to see Mackenzie and Josh getting along — and getting along super well, at that — for the sake of their kids. After all, that's the most important thing.