Does Bear Brown From Alaskan Bush People Have A New Girlfriend?

The cast members of Discovery Channel's reality show, Alaskan Bush People, certainly know how to keep viewers intrigued. Parents Billy and Ami Brown, along with their children, Solomon Isiah "Bear" Freedom Brown, Matt Brown, Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown, Gabriel "Gabe" Brown, Noah Brown, Amora "Snowbird" Brown, and Merry Christmas "Rainy" Brown, have sparked loads of headlines, all the way from their complicated dating lives to personal tragedies. Not to mention the fact that the reality stars don't live in Alaska anymore (though, to be fair, this move happened for very legitimate reasons).

Although every Brown sibling brings a specific spice to the show, the life of Bear Brown is particularly notable. That's because there has been a whole lot of drama involving Bear and his ex-fiancee, Raiven Adams, who gave birth to their son, River, in March 2020, just months after their October 2019 split. The baby's arrival came shortly after Raiven brought claims of domestic abuse against Bear. She also got a restraining order, but it has since been "dropped," according to The Sun.

Nevertheless, Raiven and Bear are reportedly still at odds. So it's especially curious that amid their battle, Bear took to Instagram and shared a snap of his potential love interest. Keep reading to find out more about this intriguing development.

Does Bear Brown have a new lady in his life?

Bear Brown of Alaskan Bush People surprised fans when on July 21, 2020, he shared a photo via his private Instagram account of a brunette sitting on the back of a truck. He captioned the photo, per The Sun, "Hanging out with a friend! It was a good day, with a beautiful view!"

Hmm. Considering the mystery lady takes up most of the shot, we're wondering if the "beautiful view" refers to her rather than the (arguably lovely) countryside.

Many fans had the same question, and doubted Bear's use of the word "friend." Someone replied, according to The Sun, "Beautiful view... cute girl too," followed by a winking emoji. Another commenter penned, "Friend? Or more?"

Meanwhile, someone else asked, "New girlfriend for you Bear? She's cute." It looks like we're all thinking the same thing!

It was only one day before, on July 20, 2020, that Bear's ex and the mother of his son, Raiven Adams, got vocal about Bear on her Instagram account. In a lengthy post, Raiven wrote, according to The Sun, "If your baby's mother takes care of your child day in and day out, takes the child to every appointment, makes sure the child eats, is safe, happy, etc . and you can't respect her, [you're] a low life that will never respect anyone..."

Co-parenting issues aside, we guess we'll have to wait and see whether Bear does have a new lady in his life. Stay tuned!