The untold truth of Morgan Beck

Volleyball champion and model, Morgan Beck, is hard to miss. Born in Newport Beach, Calif., Beck stands at a whopping 6'3" according to her Team USA biography. She excelled at volleyball in high school before going on to play for the University of California Berkeley.

Beck clearly gained notoriety for her volleyball skills, because in 2010, she was featured in a Nike ad campaign, according to People. By 2012, she was competing at the Olympics in London on the U.S. women's volleyball team. That year, she also made it onto Complex's list of "The 25 Hottest Athletes on the 2012 US Olympic Team." While lists like these are pretty silly, Beck is certainly stunning and worthy of the athletic attention.

Back in 2002, Beck attended the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City with her family when she was still a pre-teen. One night, the family noticed partying and loud noises coming from their hotel neighbors. Turns out they were staying next to Olympian ski superstar, Bode Miller.

Beck recalled that night to USA Today in 2013, sharing, "All I hear is music, people screaming and sure enough it's all of Bode's buddies. He has the condo next to us. My parents checked it out, came back and said, 'Oh, that Bode Miller!"

As it turns out, 10 years later Beck wound up marrying Miller! Keep reading.

Morgan Beck turned down Bode Miller many times

Volleyball star Morgan Beck certainly knew of the U.S. Olympian skier, Bode Miller, long before they decided to get hitched. In fact, she turned him down pretty consistently!

Ten years after her first introduction to Miller, where he irritated her family at their hotel thanks to his rambunctious partying, Beck met Miller again. It was 2012 and she was playing a volleyball tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., according to USA Today. Miller asked Beck out every day of the tournament and she turned him down each time.

He wasn't exactly deterred and said to her, "Well, I'm going to come to your tournament tomorrow."

She responded: "Please don't come. I don't want you there. I don't want any distractions."

Needless to say, Miller didn't listen. After the final game, he walked towards Beck and she thought, "Oh my gosh, he needs to just disappear."

He said to her, "I don't want to freak you out, but we're soul mates," per USA Today.

Turns out, Miller was right. According to The Gazette, he bought an engagement ring a month and a half after meeting her. While Miller and Beck certainly seem to be soulmates, they have survived some serious heartbreak together.

Morgan Beck and Bode Miller suffered loss after loss

While Morgan Beck and Bode Miller obviously have love on their side, the couple has gone through several harrowing events in their marriage. In January 2013, as a newly married couple, Beck suffered a miscarriage, according to USA Today.

Miller has two children from previous relationships and in February 2013, his former girlfriend gave birth to their son, followed by a court battle for custody, per the outlet.

Then in April 2013, Miller's brother, Chelone, died of a seizure which may have been related to a "traumatic brain injury he sustained in a motorcycle accident in 2005," according to USA Today.

Happily, Beck and Miller went on to have healthy children, but tragedy struck again in June 2019 when their daughter Emeline died by drowning, according to Us Weekly. This tragedy occurred while Beck was pregnant with twins.

Since the loss of their daughter, according to Us Weekly, Beck and Miller use their social media platforms to raise awareness about the importance of teaching toddlers to swim and how to make life safer for little ones.