The Untold Truth Of Black Ink Crew's Miss Kitty

Black Ink Crew, one of the most juicy and popular television shows on VH1, follows the lives of tattoo artists working for Ceaser Emanuel, a successful tattoo artist himself and parlor owner based out of Harlem. What's ensued is multiple seasons and spin-off series fraught with relationship drama, lawsuits, and controversies over everything from familial ties to broken friendships. But in between it all is a common thread: tattoo artists from different backgrounds and experiences coming together under one roof for the common love of ink and art. 

Kit "Miss Kitty" SoVain, who became a main character on the show in 2019 after playing a supporting role for multiple seasons, also has a knack for the needle. However, it wasn't long before Miss Kitty's own controversy jeopardized her televised role — allegedly over two other men, nonetheless: former boss Ceaser and Chicago cast member Ryan Henry. 

Fans have long speculated about Miss Kitty's personal life, about which she's been relatively private. However, the curiosity mounted in a July 2020 episode, when a dispute between Miss Kitty and Ryan (owner of 9Mag, a Chicago-based tattoo shop) led them head-to-head. But what's the truth? Was Miss Kitty ever really in a relationship with Ryan (or Ceaser, for that matter), and was Ceaser right for admittedly firing her over the possibility? Let's get inked for the untold truth of Black Ink Crew's Miss Kitty.

Did Black Ink Crew's Miss Kitty technically cheat on Ceaser Emanuel?

Tensions boiled over during an April 2020 episode of Black Ink Crew, which saw Ceaser Emanuel and Ryan Henry address ongoing rumors that Kit "Miss Kitty" SoVain had allegedly slept with Ryan while still being Ceaser's lover. The allegation itself was sprung by Sky (Ceaser's best friend), who insisted Miss Kitty had hooked up with Ryan at the 2019 Essence Fest in New Orleans, per Urban Belle. Many of their fellow cast members (and even fans) believed it to be true, with Miss Kitty's former friends, Tati and Young Bae, backing up the claim.

According to Atlanta Black Star, the gossip even led to Ceaser firing Miss Kitty "for her alleged involvement with Henry" during a November 2019 episode. Fast forward to the following spring, however, when the two men — who used to be close before things unraveled — confronted one another at a party, with Ryan saying of Ceaser, "Ceaser in his feelings over a women that don't want him ... Get out ya feelings man." Yikes.

For her part, Miss Kitty maintained on Twitter in July 2020, "I wasn't with either one of those men." After being let go by Ceaser over her alleged disloyalty, she moved to Chicago to manage another tattoo parlor.

What's going on between Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry?

The gray area between Kit "Miss Kitty" SoVain and Ceaser Emanuel brings into question the extent of her alleged involvement with Ryan Henry. While she claimed the two were never together, flashbacks snuck into Black Ink Crew: Chicago seemed to suggested that Ryan thought otherwise. However, Ryan chastised producers on social media for making it seem like he'd labeled their alleged relationship as official, per Urban Belle.

Despite both maintaining their non-involvement with each other, Miss Kitty, for one, got very worked up in a July 2020 episode, when Ryan took a family trip to Mexico with Rachel, his ex and baby mama. She also unloaded her two cents on Ryan supposedly failing to defend her against ongoing social media backlash. In his response, Ryan seemed to suggest that Miss Kitty had indeed sought a relationship with him (via Urban Belle): "I told your a** I was skeptical with this s**t from the beginning. You took that inch and tried to get a f**king mile of a relationship. And your tries and your attempts don't mean I'm gonna fulfill what you want." Hm.

It seems that, at one point, both Ryan and Ceaser thought Miss Kitty was either in — or wanted — a relationship with them, while Miss Kitty has denied all allegations and relationships. While it's hard to know what the truth (and timeline) is here, one thing's for sure, at least if you ask Miss Kitty: "I'm not losing love. Thanks for watching."