The Truth About Savannah LaBrant's Ex-Boyfriend

No YouTubers scream "happy family" quite like the LaBrants. The husband-wife duo of Cole and Savannah, along with their young daughters Everleigh and Posie, star on the YouTube channel called The LaBrant Fam. (They also welcomed a baby boy in late July 2020, who already made his YouTube debut.) Formerly known as Cole&Sav, their family-friendly page has more than 12 million subscribers, with seemingly endless videos featuring carpool karaokes, toy unboxings, and more wholesome, extremely positive content.

Their uploads rarely get less than 1 million views, mostly taking place in their massive new Los Angeles home that one might call "YouTuber rustic." And their biggest worries seem to be small ones, documented in vlogs titled "We Have A Problem...We Can't Believe This Happened to Everleigh's Hair." (Hint, that "problem" involved slime, uh-oh!) 

But there are parts of the past the LaBrant family doesn't often talk about. Cole and Savannah — who wed in 2017 and got their start on other social media apps (Vine and the now-defunct — have a more complicated family tree than first glance would tell you. Namely, Everleigh is not biologically Cole's daughter. Before she rose to internet fame, mom Savannah got pregnant at age 19. It's not a fact the family shies away from, discussing the situation occasionally in their videos, but it's certainly not the image they portray on their picture-perfect channel.

Let's take a look at Savannah's surprisingly dark past, her current relationship with Everleigh's biological father, and how Cole was like an "angel" to the YouTube star.

Savannah's relationship with Everleigh's father wasn't the easiest

Who is Everleigh's real father? He goes by the name Tommy Smith and was in a relationship with Savannah in her teen years, before she met Cole LaBrant. Smith still seems to be a part of his daughter's life. On Instagram, the two pose together regularly, and though he isn't in any LaBrant family videos, he does seem present as his child grows up. "Everleigh you are my daughter. That's better than any fortune one can have," Smith captioned a March 6, 2020 Instagram post.

So, what happened between the two? In a September 2018 interview with PeopleSavannah revealed her ex wasn't faithful, cheating multiple times during the relationship, even when she was pregnant. "Not choosing the right guy and also just being cheated on by [my] boyfriend, I think it helped me understand how hurt my mom was [when she was] cheated on," she told People

Savannah was a 23-year-old single mom to then-3-year-old Everleigh when she met Cole, and the two instantly connected. In one video, she told fans, "In a way, Cole was like an angel." Cole told People, "The fact that I wasn't [Everleigh's] real dad would get in my head a lot. Obviously, I never want to take the spot of her real dad. She definitely knows she has two dads who love her so much."

Knowing there's more turmoil to the LaBrants' story than just what toy to unbox next definitely adds a more human layer to their seemingly perfect YouTube presence.