Darian Lusk

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Manhattan, NY
Binghamton University
Peak-era "American Idol", "RuPaul's Drag Race", Lil Nas X
  • Darian was a full-time editor at Nicki Swift.
  • He's previously written pop culture and entertainment for CBSNews.com, The Observer, ABCNews.com, Real Clear Politics, and more.
  • He has interviewed celebrities like NeYo, Busta Rhymes, and actor Harry Shearer. A story he wrote about Kim Catrall was retweeted by her (and they even DMed), and he's gone viral on Tumblr, Twitter (where he is verified), and more!


Darian has covered pop culture since graduating from college in 2014. He previously worked as an editor at CBSNews.com and Weather.com. He had a weekly pop culture column in the Observer called "Weekend Stream." While still in college, Darian parlayed a one-slot internship for CBSNews.com into a full-time position and he never left the industry.


Darian was the Arts and Entertainment editor for two years at Binghamton University's fully student-run newspaper Pipe Dream and the site's most-viewed writer for one year.
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