What Sammie Cimarelli From The Circle Is Up To Now

Sammie Cimarelli was the fan favorite from Season 1 of Netflix's "The Circle," winning $10,000 after it aired back in January 2020. Since then, we just can't "block" her from our hearts! So what is the lovable finalist up to now?

The first season of "The Circle" — a "competition and experiment," per the show's description, where strangers in separate rooms, "flirt, befriend and catfish their way toward $100,000" all through a fictitious social media platform — brought some darned lovable personalities. Who could resist the adorkable Shubham Goel, the Italian stallion Joey Sasso, the fabulous Chris Sapphire, or the wonderful Sammie? 

The (spoiler alert!) final four all kept it real, and vulnerable, throughout the completely anonymous, social media-based competition. And that's perhaps why they became friends and made it to the (disarmingly heartwarming) live finale. But perhaps the most surprisingly authentic of the whole bunch was ... Sammie!

Though the Miami-based contestant advertised herself as "bottle service with brains" and was open about her bisexuality and love of partying as she arrived, she proved to have much more to offer. Sammie chatted with the online players about her master's degree, her difficult upbringing, and, per Bustle, "endeared herself to fans by calling out Alana" when she named their girls' chat "The Skinny Queens." Sammie was a great part of the show just by being herself (which is more than Rebec—err Seaburn can say).

If you're missing "The Circle" Season 1, here's what Sammie is up to now. 

Sammie Cimarelli moved to Los Angeles and is modeling

What is Sammie Cimarelli up to today? According to ScreenRant, as of 2020, she was still getting her master's degree. But with 990K Instagram followers to date, "The Circle" was clearly a good launching pad for the beauty with brains. She's since become an ambassador for Rihanna's clothing line Savage X Fenty. "All smiles lately," Sammie wrote on Instagram on April 1, 2021, repping the brand. With co-star Chris Sapphire regularly commenting on her posts, their bond seems still intact. Sammie also changed her location on Instagram to Los Angeles. So who knows what's next?

"It's been really crazy, honestly," Sammie told ScreenRant back in 2020. "I am still in school, so I definitely want to finish my master's program first. But I also want to do other things ... when I'm done with my master's, to dig deeper into fashion and makeup." According to Linkedin, Sammie is a registered behavior technician in Florida. She previously graduated from Cabrini University in Pennsylvania with a degree in psychology and criminology. That said, her popping Instagram would indicate those "fashion and makeup" days have arrived.

"The way we were on 'The Circle' is the way we were in real life," Sammie added to ScreenRant. It wasn't an act. It wasn't fake, so it doesn't surprise me that every single one of us went off who we built a connection with ... And that makes me happy that we all did that collectively."