What Happened To Joey Sasso After Winning The Circle?

Netflix show The Circle turned reality TV on its head as a popularity contest unlike any other. Fans fell in love with the influencers, and some catfish, who competed for the $100,000 grand prize, especially winner Joey Sasso. With season 2 of The Circle hitting Netflix on April 14, 2021, fans can't wait to meet the new cast, however, others are wondering what the lovable New Yorker has been up to since his big win.

"I was really unsure what [the show] was going to be," Sasso told Esquire shortly after viewers saw him take home the gold in January 2020. "I'm an actor and live in Los Angeles. I've been up here since I was 18, and part of that is never doing stuff that isn't scripted—you know... reality television. But this came up and it felt so right."

He continued, "I went into it optimistic and hoped for the best. The one thing, now that everyone knows the outcome, is that I never once thought about winning the show." It looks like Joey has gone 360 since his life before the show. Keep scrolling for more about what Joey has been up to since winning The Circle.

Joey Sasso has been living the good life since winning The Circle

Since Joey Sasso was crowned the first winner of The Circle, life seems to be good for the Netflix star. These days, he is super active on social media and he even has his own merch on FanJoy.com. The website sold out of Joey's apparel with his signature phrase "Family Over Everything" and his catchy nickname, "Broey Joey."

He opened up about life after The Circle on the one-year anniversary of the show's debut. "ONE YEAR AGO TODAY The Circle premiered on Netflix, forever changing my life," he wrote on an Instagram photo of the in January 2021. "What a wild ride it has been. Thank you to all of the fans of the show that have embraced me and the rest of the cast over the course of this last year. It really has been such an insane journey, but one I'm happy to have all of you with me on. I got nothing but love and great memories for this entire experience. Happy first birthday Circle."

But while a lot of positive changes have been happening for Joey, it looks like he is still his old self who loves to rep his New York pride on social media and show off his stunningly good looks. Never change, Broey Joey!