This Is What Bachelorette Villain Michelle Money Is Doing Today

Every Bachelor season needs a good villain, and for Brad Womack's season back in 2011, that person was Michelle Money. Early on, she was one of Brad's top picks, but she quickly caused more trouble than romance for the lead. So, what is Michelle Money up to now? She's learned a lot of lessons from her time on The Bachelor. It's been almost a decade since she stirred the pot for Brad and made his journey harder than he wanted, so a little reminder of how she alienated a great deal of Bachelor Nation is probably necessary. 

Michelle got the villain edit right from the get-go, though Brad called her "stunning" straight out of the limo, per At the first cocktail party that night, she went right in. "I think women can be intimidated by me, but I'm not here to make a bunch of best friends. I'm here to meet the love of my life. He doesn't know it yet, but I'm actually his wife," she said in her intro package. Michelle also said at the first cocktail party, "Brad needs a woman. There are a lot of little girls here, and I am a woman."

Michelle really was gunning for that final rose, but Brad ultimately decided she was too much of a distraction. Here's how things played out post-reality TV.

Michelle Money knows she was 'obnoxious' on TV

Throughout Season 15 of The Bachelor, Michelle Money questioned Brad Womack's decisions over and over, causing him to realize their physical attraction — which was admittedly very strong — just wasn't enough. He said, per, "I was happy to see Michelle, but then she started questioning my decision. There are six other women I need to think about, not just Michelle. Sometimes it feels like I'm being pulled in literally a million different directions, and Michelle is the largest contributor to that. I'm in a very difficult place right now." When he sent Michelle home, she wouldn't even let him touch her. 

Ultimately, Brad wasn't for her. She's now dating golf champ Mike Weir and they're super cute and happy together. She captioned a picture together in July 2020, "thank you for loving me through thick and thin! And thank you for not watching The Bachelor." On the picture, her daughter Brielle called Mike her "step dad" and the man himself responded to the caption, "We are both in different places from that need to watch! I'm lucky that our paths crossed & I've been able to learn of the wonderful, caring & loving human you are!" Cute, right? 

Michelle also knows she's in a totally different place — she admitted that she was "obnoxious" on The Bachelor and told Us Weekly that it took a ton of therapy to recoup from the experience. And her life does seem very different these days. 

Michelle Money's daughter was in a coma, but thankfully recovered

While she seems happy with her new boyfriend, things haven't been all that easy for Michelle Money in 2020. Her daughter Brielle — who she had with her ex-husband, Ryan Money — got into a terrible longboarding accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. She was put on life support and things were really touch and go for the teen for a minute, but luckily, she came out of her coma and is doing really well, per the update she and her mom gave Chris Harrison on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! (via Entertainment Tonight). 

Brielle also said in an Instagram Q&A (via People) that she was actually happy it happened. "I'm really grateful that this happened. I'm sure it was so hard for my parents, but for me it's been nothing but positive," the teen said. "There are a little hiccups that are hard to deal with, but for the most part, it's been great. I've learned so much."

So Michelle's life post-Bachelor has been eventful for sure, but she seems like she's moved on from any drama and is happier than ever.