The Real Reason Alinity Can't Stand PewDiePie

Controversy seems to trail celebrity Twitch streamers like NPC companions, and Natalia Mogollon — better known in the streaming world as Alinity — is no exception. She has seen her share of drama, and continues to be involved in Twitch chaos on a regular basis. In early July 2020, for instance, she and Ninja got into it over internet harassment (though they did eventually patch things up). And in the past, Alinity has also been accused of animal abuse and preferential Twitch treatment.

One of Alinity's biggest ongoing feuds is with PewDiePie, perhaps the most well-known YouTuber on the planet. Despite the passage of time, there is no love lost between these two internet celebrities. Why is Alinity so offended by PewDiePie? What caused this Twitch streamer to so passionately despise YouTube's most popular individual? As it turns out, a look back at the history between the two can help explain why Alinity can't stand PewDiePie.

PewDiePie called her a 'Twitch thot,' and Alinity retaliated with copyright strikes

If you're not sure what a "Twitch thot" is, you may not be listening to the Redditors and YouTubers, like PewDiePie, who throw the term around. It stands for "that ho over there," and includes a sexist and derogatory component often levied at women in traditionally male spaces. In 2017, PewDiePie uploaded a video of himself watching another video sent to him by a user, called "Sexiest Twitch Girl Streamers April 2017!!! #2." It included Alinity. In what was supposedly a joke, he referred to the women in the video as "stupid Twitch thots."

Alinity took offense. In retaliation, she posted to her stream saying she would "copy strike" PewDiePie's channel — basically, use copyright law to punish him for his comment by filing a complaint. She did this through a company called CollabDRM, according to Dexerto. She even boasted about the money she would earn from copy striking his video, which is considered to be a cheap tactic because it unfairly targets people who are critiquing or otherwise commenting upon content in a way that should be labeled "fair use." It's a move that may lead to loss of revenue and other penalties for the user being acted against.

PewDiePie later apologized to Alinity in a since-deleted video, but while doing so criticized her method of addressing the issue.

PewDiePie continues to criticize Alinity

That scandal soon petered out, and PewDiePie has since stopped tackling controversial topics. Nevertheless, he has since gotten in some digs against Alinity here and there based on the controversies she's been involved in.

In October 2019, when a viewer suggested he throw his pet like Alinity did during a stream, PewDiePie laughed and said, "How the f*** did she get away with that?" The question is both a dig at Alinity's pet-abuse troubles and a reference to her seemingly favored position as a Twitch streamer who has escaped severe punishment for her transgressions. In March 2020, when Alinity was bitten by her cat Milo while singing, PewDiePie remarked, "How nice is this that this is the conclusion of the Alinity versus cat saga. It ended with a happy ending, and the internet was satisfied."

On April 24, 2020, Alinity received a 24-hour Twitch ban for a video in which she accidentally showed a bit too much skin. In response, PewDiePie roasted her on an episode of his show, calling her a "stuck-up b*****," adding, "You hear Alinity got banned recently? We did it, gamers!"

While PewDiePie's schtick is all about sarcasm, it's still clear that his relationship with the streamer is not exactly amicable. As long as he's taking occasional shots at the Twitch star, it's hard to see Alinity jumping on the PewDiePie bandwagon anytime soon.