The Real Reason Lindsay Lohan Refused To Kiss Charlie Sheen

Fans who have loyally watched every Scary Movie since its first iteration — who can forget the antics of Cindy Campbell in films one through four? — will surely remember the opening scene of 2013's Scary Movie 5. The movie starts off with Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen — in character, parodying themselves — in bed together. In addition to spoofing Paranormal Activity, the actors poke fun at their own substance abuse problems and legal issues, as well as Sheen's reputation for sleeping around. (For a refresher, you can check out the clip on YouTube.)

While Sheen and Lohan didn't seem to have an issue with laughing off their antics on camera, behind the scenes a different story played out. Lohan seemingly addressed Sheen's past behavior directly by allegedly refusing to kiss the actor on set. In fact, according to TMZ, a "body double" stood in for Lohan for any part in which they appeared to kiss during the scene. Apparently, that strategy was met with "moderate success." However, when things simply couldn't be worked out, the affection was reportedly just written out — here's why.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly wasn't here for Charlie Sheen's 'partying past'

Charlie Sheen's, um, active sex life has made headlines for decades. Case in point? In November 2015, the Daily Mail reported that Sheen had allegedly spent $1.6 million on sex workers in 2013 alone. Headlines like that seem to be, in part, why Lindsay Lohan refused to smooch the star in Scary Movie 5.

In its report, TMZ claimed that sources revealed that although she was supposed to lock lips with Sheen three times during the scene, the Mean Girls alum chose not to, supposedly citing his "wild partying past" as the reason why. As fans can see in the clip from the movie, in the final cut, the pair never actually kiss on screen.

For what it's worth, the outlet also reported that both actors "had to sign releases that they didn't have cold sores." All that being said, according to TMZ sources, Sheen — who publicly revealed he was HIV positive in 2015 — never seemed to mind Lohan's refusal. In fact, in 2012, Sheen even famously loaned her $100,000 to help with her tax debt, per TMZ

It seems like even though an on screen kiss wasn't in the cards, the two didn't have to kiss a friendship goodbye.