The One Thing Kirk Cameron Refuses To Do When Acting

Kirk Cameron captured the adoration of many fans while playing teen heartthrob Mike Seaver on Growing Pains, the ABC family sitcom that ran from 1985 to 1992 (via IMDb). With his floppy hair and winning charm, he was even nominated for two Golden Globes for his role. The actor went on to appear in Full House alongside his real-life sister Candice Cameron Bure, and star in the Left Behind thriller series, and the Christian drama film Fireproof. The actor also got something out of that hit sitcom he probably didn't expect: his future wife. Chelsea Noble played Cameron's love interest in the later seasons of Growing Pains, per The Hollywood Reporterand the two were wed in 1991, having six children together (four by adoption), per People.

Kirk Cameron is an Evangelical Christian, per ABC News. Today, he runs a ministry headquartered in California and mostly appears onscreen in Christian film projects. The devout actor, who stirred up controversy in 2017 for equating hurricane Irma not to climate change but to a "higher power," on Facebook, per E! Online, also has one very specific stipulation about appearing in any new movie projects. It involves his wife, and might be slightly unsurprising given his unique and religious-leaning career path so far. Here's Kirk Cameron's rule going into new movie roles.  

The actor won't kiss anyone but his wife, even on screen

What's Kirk Cameron's one stipulation for film roles? The conservative and religious actor point-blank refuses to kiss anyone other than his wife, Chelsea Noble, even onscreen. "You have to be true to your higher values. As an actor, you're playing someone other than who you are, but as a human being, you need to be who you are," he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016.

Since Growing Pains, wife Noble has starred alongside Cameron in the Left Behind movies, and basically any film where he needs to kiss someone. And if she isn't starring, they bring her in. She was brought in as a body double for a kissing scene in his film Fireproof, filling in for co-star Erin Bethea. "I have a commitment not to kiss any other woman," he said on the Today show. "So when I'm kissing my wife, we're actually husband and wife honoring marriage behind the scenes," he added.

As Cameron explained, he and his wife view the sanctity of marriage with extreme seriousness. "We've been married for 17 years... and we have six children," he added. "So marriage is a very special and sacred thing to us." Pretty stern on-set demand, but not the wildest of all time. Tom Cruise, according to Daily Star, requires 50 specially made male thongs for every film he does.