Celebs Who Have Way More Kids Than You Knew

Celebrities having children is one of the most enduring interests of pop culture junkies because fans relish watching stars grow into parenthood and then, in some cases, help usher their kids into show biz. But some members of the fame game have an extraordinary amount of offspring, so it can be tricky for even the most die-hard followers to keep up with who's who among their bustling broods. Here are some celebs who have at least a half dozen progeny.


Stop, drop, shut 'em down, and open up shop because DMX has a fleet of baby Ruff Ryders to his name. The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, welcomed his 15th child in August 2016. A son named Exodus Simmons, born to girlfriend Desiree Lindstrom, joined DMX's brood from previous relationships.

The rapper has been in some legal hot water as a result of his parenting. He's been taken to court for child support on at least two occasions, and he told Dr. Phil that he views parenting as "not having the children" himself but rather "giving [the women he's with] children."

Mel Gibson

Actor and director Mel Gibson has a whopping nine children. Daughter Hannah, twin boys Edward and Christian, and sons William, Louis, Milo, and Thomas were born during his long-lived first marriage to Robyn Gibson from 1980 to 2011. Before the ink dried on his divorce agreement (one of the most expensive in Hollywood history), Mel fathered a second daughter, Lucia, with Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. The Braveheart (1995) star and girlfriend Grigorieva also suffered a very ugly, very costly public breakup in 2011. The bitter custody battle resulted in the exes sharing joint custody of their daughter. In January 2017, Gibson and girlfriend Rosalind Ross (who is young enough to be one of his kids) welcomed a baby boy named Lars Gerard Gibson. "Mel is over the moon," a source told People.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Before Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt became a paparazzi-frenzied item after sharing the screen in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005), Jolie had already adopted her first son, Maddox, from Cambodia in 2001. Originally, she announced the adoption with her then-husband Billy Bob Thornton, but after the two separated, she raised Maddox as a single mom. With Pitt by her side, she adopted daughter Zahara from Ethiopia in 2005. Jolie and Pitt gave birth to their first biological child, Shiloh in Namibia in 2006, adopted 3-year-old Pax from Vietnam in 2007, and then gave birth to twins Knox and Vivienne in 2008.

All six kids now share the surname Jolie-Pitt and are the legal children of both actors, who were married in 2014. However, after "Brangelina" suddenly crumbled in 2016, both parents have fought a very fierce, and very public, custody battle. In happier times, Jolie told Vanity Fair that leading a family of eight unique individuals meant learning to accept. "You don't know who your children are until they show you who they are," she said, "and they are just becoming whoever they want to be."

Master P

Master P (formally known as Percy Robert Miller) has seven children with estranged wife Sonya Miller and two more from another relationship. With Sonya, he fathered son and fellow hip-hop artist Percy "L'il Romeo" Romeo, as well as Vercy, Tytyana, Intylyana, Hercy, Itali, and Mercy. He also fathered son Veno and daughter Cymphonique during an extramarital relationship with a woman reportedly from the Philippines. "We're not a perfect family. We go through ups and downs like everybody else," the star of Master P's Family Empire said of his home team. "The love that I have for my kids...people can change. I'm a living example of that."

Mick Jagger

If and when The Rolling Stones retire, lead singer Mick Jagger alone has enough kids to replace the band twice over. In July 2016, The Sun reported on the upcoming birth of Jagger's eighth child, at 72 years old, with 29-year-old ballerina Melanie Hamrick. The rocker's most famous offspring, Georgia May Jagger, is a high-fashion model, but his brood also includes daughter Karis with ex-flame Marcia Hunt; Lizzie, James, Georgia, and Gabriel with ex Jerry Hall; and Lucas Jagger with Luciana Giminez. The new addition is due in January 2017. Additionally, Mick is reportedly a grandfather and a great-grandfather too.

Bob Marley

"No woman, no cry" crooner Bob Marley had a multitude of relationships with women resulting in a multitude of births—at least 11. Marley reportedly fathered five children with wife Alpharita "Rita" Anderson, and six others with other women. He's also suspected to have fathered two additional children, but only 11 have been officially recognized by the late singer's estate.

Marley and Anderson gave birth to daughter Cedella and sons David "Ziggy" and Stephen. Marley also took in Anderson's daughter, Shanon, from a previous relationship, and he claimed to be the father of Anderson's daughter Stephanie, although she may have been born of an extramarital affair. Marley also fathered two more boys—Robert with Pat Williams and Rohan with Janet Hunt—while still married to Anderson. Marley's wife wrote in her biography that she was initially upset by the out-of-wedlock pregnancies, but has since "come to love both of those boys and think of them as [her] sons." Marley also fathered daughter Karen with Janet Bowen; son Julian with Lucy Pounder; son Ky-Mani with table tennis champion Anita Belnavis; and son Damian with 1976 Miss World winner Cindy Breakspeare.

Steven Spielberg

We're going to need a bigger boat if it's going to include all of the people who call acclaimed director Steven Spielberg "dad." In addition to arguably being the father of modern sci-fi cinema, the Jaws (1975) director has also raised a total of seven kids with wife Kate Capshaw. Together, they share a blended family, made up of two children from prior marriages (Jessica Capshaw and Max Spielberg), the three they conceived together (Sasha, Sawyer, and Destiny), and two children they adopted together (Theo and Mikaela). Though he's a legendary film director, Spielberg proudly puts his kiddos far ahead of his illustrious career. "I will always drop everything and go meet those needs," the Oscar winner said of his duties to his family. "That's the priority."

Caitlyn Jenner

While Caitlyn Jenner is only biologically responsible for some of the stars of the Kardashian reality TV kingdom, she's been actively involved raising all of them. In addition to the quartet of Kardashian kids she helped raise with former wife Kris Jenner (Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian), Caitlyn has two daughters with Kris (Kendall and Kylie Jenner) and four children from two prior marriages (Bruce, Casey, Brandon, and Brody Jenner). That's 10 total kids, which is a fitting number for an Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete. In 2015, she managed to get all of those young'uns under one roof to celebrate Father's Day.

Ol' Dirty Bastard

Although Russell "ODB" Jones was just 35 years old at the time of his death from a drug overdose, the notoriously troubled Wu-Tang Clan member reportedly fathered 13 kids with multiple women. However, when it came time to manage his estate, widow Icelene Jones declared ODB only had three children, all of which she birthed. Keep in mind, Dirty told Genious.com in 1997 that "all the kids in the world is mine, so I can't count how many kids I've got. All the children in the universe is mine, everywhere, you know what I mean?"

Duane "Dog" Chapman

It's a good thing the TV bail bonding business has been so lucrative because reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman has fathered a dozen children with five different women. His eldest son Christopher Michael Hecht was not known to him until later in life, after he had been adopted following his mother's suicide. With first wife La Fonda Sue Honeycutt, Chapman fathered sons Duane and Leland, who regularly appeared on his television show. With second wife Anne M. Tegnell, Dog had three children: Zebediah (who died in infancy), Wesley, and James. His third marriage to Lyssa Rae Brittain brought three more children into the fold: Tucker Dee, Lyssa Rae, and Barbara Katy (who died in 2006, at age 23, in a car accident.) The bounty hunter's fourth marriage with Tawny Marie resulted in no children between them. His fifth wife, show co-star Beth Smith, brought to the family a daughter, Cecily, from a previous marriage. The couple also welcomed a daughter, Bonnie Joanne, and a son, Garry.

Mia Farrow

Perhaps one of Hollywood's most frequent adopters, Mia Farrow has given birth to four biological children and adopted 10 others. To make the brood even more difficult to track, many of the kids have changed their names. During her second marriage, to musician Andre Previn, Farrow gave birth to twins Matthew and Sascha, as well as son Fletcher. The pair also adopted two daughters from Vietnam: Lark Song (who died in 2008 of pneumonia at age 35) and Summer "Daisy" Song, and a daughter from Korea named Soon-Yi. (Farrow and Soon-Yi later became estranged after Soon-Yi entered into a romantic relationship with her mom's boyfriend at the time, director Woody Allen.)

After Farrow's divorce from Previn, she adopted a son named Moses from Korea. The boy was later adopted by Allen. Farrow and Allen also adopted Dylan (who went by "Eliza" at one point and "Malone" at another). Although Farrow was originally thought to have given birth to her only biological child with Allen when she had Satchel O'Sullivan (later known as "Ronan"), she later admitted that the boy may be the biological son of singer Frank Sinatra.

After her split from Allen, Farrow continued to grow the family tree by adopting daughters Tam (who died in 2000 at age 19), Kaeli-Shea, and Frankie-Minh and sons Isaiah Justus and Gabriel Wilk (later known as Thaddeus Wilk).

Mike Tyson

When scouting out the next generation of contenders for the heavyweight championship belt, Mike Tyson's long line of heirs should not be overlooked. The retired prizefighter has had eight children. While his first marriage to actress Robin Givens resulted in no children, his second marriage to Monica Turner produced son Amir and daughter Rayna. He also had son Miguel and daughter Exodus with a woman in Arizona (Exodus tragically died of accidental strangulation at age four), and he has fathered children named Gena and Mikey with unspecified partners. Tyson also has two more children named Morocco and Milan with current wife Lakiha Spencer. Althoug Tyson originally claimed paternity of D'Amato Kilrain with Natalie Fears, blood tests later confirmed he was not the child's father, and he has since failed to acknowledge the boy as one of his kids when speaking about his brood.