The Reason 90 Day Fiance's Geoffrey Paschel Wanted A Russian Girlfriend

If you're an avid fan of 90 Day Fiancé, you know Geoffrey Paschel, and if you know Geoffrey Paschel, you know he's a controversial figure. Geoffrey first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, a spinoff that chronicles Americans as they prepare to meet their long-distance lovers face to face for the first time.

At first, Geoffrey won fans over with his heartwrenching story. In 2018, Geoffrey suffered a terrible loss when his 13-month-old son, Kazhem, passed away after suffering a seizure, per In Touch Weekly. He opened up about the loss at the start of Before the 90 Days.

But he quickly fell from favor when allegations about his violent past came to the surface, as reported by the Knoxville News Sentinel. Geoffrey was arrested in June 2019 for an alleged assault on his then-girlfriend. The alleged victim claimed he "repeatedly bashed/slammed" her head into the floor and disabled her phone so that she was unable to call for help. She's not the only ex who's made similar allegations.

Geoffrey's romantic opposite on Before the 90 Days was a Russian radio personality named Varya Malina, whom he neglected to tell about his troubled past. Things took a sharp turn when Varya arrived in Knoxville, hoping to kiss and make up after initially rejecting his marriage proposal, only to realize that she was the third person in a very complicated love triangle. So why did Geoffrey Paschel even look to Russia for love if he had someone on the line at home?

Geoffrey was tired of dating the same type of women

In a May 2020 interview with the Domenick Nati Show, Geoffrey Paschel said he started looking abroad for love because he was tired of dating the "same type of women."

In case all the criminal allegations weren't enough a hint, Geoffrey admits he has trouble finding love on his home turf. "The reason that I kind of played with it [looking abroad], toyed with it, in my mind is that, here, where I live, I go for the same type of women. I mean, that's why I'm in the position I'm in now," he explained. Geoffrey told the radio host he tends to look for women he can help: "I get these partners that I think, 'Oh, I can help them. They need this, they need that. Let me fix them."

Evidently, in search of a stronger woman, he met Varya Malina online and thought she represented a new kind of relationship. "I got in that fixing rut and so I wanted something completely new," he continued. "And that's why I actually really contemplated Varya and toyed with it for five or six months before I saw her."

As for whether or not Geoffrey and Varya are still together, it's unclear. Following an outcry from fans, TLC uninvited Geoffrey from the tell-all episode of Before the 90 Days. So, where he stands with Varya (or any other woman for that matter) is anyone's guess.