Strange Things About Tamra Judge's Marriage

Up until reality star Tamra Judge's dismissal from Bravo's Real Housewives of Orange County in January 2020she and her husband, Eddie Judge, were a match made in television history. The Ken and Barbie of the OC, if you will. And to refresh your memory a bit, the two first became an item in 2010, per Radar Online. Soon after, the pair was inseparable with Eddie even popping the question on an episode of the hit reality Bravo show. Of course, an on-camera lavish wedding ceremony and reception followed suit with Tamra's fellow Housewives and girlfriends, Vicki Gunvalson and Heather Dubrow, as bridesmaids on her big day. 

But it's not always been rainbows and butterflies for the happy couple. Ahem, love triangles, racy bathtub scenes, and even rumors about Eddie's sexuality, all while the cameras kept rolling! Keep reading after the jump to learn some of the more, shall we say, strange aspects of their otherwise happy union.

Eddie Judge and Simon Barney used to be pals

As one can imagine, all you-know-what broke loose the moment Tamra Judge's estranged husband (at the time), Simon Barney, ran into both Tamra and his pal, Eddie Judge, at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. In an exclusive with Radar Online, Barney described it as "the ultimate betrayal." YIKES.

The story goes that after Barney spotted the pair supposedly cozied up together, Tamra immediately dropped Eddie's hand and started walking the other direction. But Barney wasn't done quite yet. "I went up to Eddie and asked him if he's (expletive) my wife. He didn't say a word. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed — the ultimate betrayal by a pal and my estranged wife," he claimed. He added, "I started to feel weak and feel (sic) to my knees. The doorman helped me and by the time I had regained my composure they both left to the other side of the club. I left soon after." 

Tamra Judge later told Radar Online that nothing inappropriate happened before her separation. "We started hanging out together more after my separation and one thing led to another. We had been friends for over a year." 

Although things were initially rough between the trio, the situation improved following Simon Barney's cancer diagnosis. "We've actually been getting along very well," Tamra told ET Online in June 2019. "It's been a long time coming but, you know, I've always wanted this. I've always wanted to co-parent and now we're actually doing it."

Tamra and Eddie Judge shared a very intimate moment on TV

Things got STEAMY for Tamra and Eddie Judge on a Season 6 episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, officially introducing Eddie as Tamra's hot new boyfriend. The new couple decided to spend some intimate time with one another in a bubble bath for two, and in the process, Tamra accidentally exposed one of her bare nipples. Think Janet Jackson Super Bowl circa 2004 wardrobe malfunction. Although the California native caught heat for the clip, she just laughed it off. "Who wouldn't want to hump him? He's so humpable," she joked during the episode, according to People.

Years later, Tamra expressed some regret for showing such an intimate moment with Eddie on national television. Tamra took to her Bravo blog to convey her remorse, especially to her children. "The one thing about me is I will always own my mistakes, which leads me to the bathtub scene. I knew the next day after filming it that I made a big mistake," the mother of four penned in her blog for Bravo

She continued, "This was one of those moments that I had to sit my kids down and tell them that mommy made a mistake and did something on TV that was in bad taste. I have a great communication line with my kids and have taught them that everyone makes mistakes, and as long as you own up to your mistakes, you will learn from them."

Tamra Judge had to defend her husband's sexuality

Unfortunately for the married couple, they've also endured unfounded rumors regarding Eddie Judge's sexuality, speculation that got featured on episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County. As reported by People, Tamra had her co-stars to blame for most of the chatter because they chose to film with her former friend, Ricky Santana. FYI: Santana was also present at the couple's 2013 wedding.

During an episode of the reality show, Santana magically appears by way of Tamra's co-star and frenemy, Vicki Gunvalson. Making some shady accusations regarding Eddie, he claimed, per People, "I saw him making out with a guy. Making out with tongue." Meanwhile, Vicki and Tamra's arch-enemies Lizzie Rovsek and Gretchen Rossi looked on while feigning shock. Sure, Jan(s).

Once the episode aired, Tamra had her fair share choice of words for Santana and his seemingly willing audience. "How orchestrated and wrong was that? The worst acting I've ever seen," she penned on Twitter, per TooFab. "They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it's okay to try and Out a straight man hoping to humiliate him. Well guess what it didn't work! It's Not the 1920's and being gay is not something to be ashamed of or mocked. You should all be ashamed of yourself. We all know who was behind this .... bye." And... MIC DROP. 

Although Tamra and Eddie have faced some interesting bumps in the road together, their marriage is loving and solid overall. In fact, the two celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary in 2020.