Here's What We Know About Ellie Goulding's Husband

While the world was preparing for another week ahead, singer Ellie Goulding was celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband Caspar Jopling. The Love Me Like You Do singer found someone to do just that on August 31, 2019, marking August 31, 2020 as the one-year anniversary of the day she tied the knot with the UK native. Jopling and Goulding are believed to have first started dating in 2017, when Jopling first posted a black-and-white photo of the singer on his Instagram account.

After that, Copling accompanied Goulding to a number of high-profile events, according to the Evening Standard, including galas and wedding events. The next year, in August 2018, Jopling asked Goulding to marry him, according to The Sun. A source at the time told the outlet that Goulding was "over the moon and has never felt so happy." After Goulding was linked with names such as Prince HarryEd Sheeran, and others, what is it about Caspar Jopling that drew her to him?  

He calls himself a 'dork' for Ellie Goulding

A quick look at his Instagram, and it's obvious that Caspar Jopling was first a doting boyfriend and is now a loving husband to Ellie Goulding. Added to his thick-rimmed glasses and tousled hair, it's not outlandish that Jopling often calls himself a "dork." Although he was born in the United Kingdom, he lived in New York and worked in corporate development and strategy for Sotheby's, a prominent art auction company, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He landed the job after interning for the company's rival auction house, Christie's. And prior to that gig, he got his bachelor's degree from Harvard University. Currently, he is an MBA candidate at Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. The well-educated Englishman also has connections in high places. His uncle, Jay Jopling, is a gem in the art world, and Jopling has also been linked to Princess Eugenie — also a good friend of Ellie Goulding's. The three were spotted on a double date with Eugenie's husband Jack Brooksbank in July 2020.

He calms Ellie Goulding down

Believe it or not, the award-winning singer Ellie Goulding also had anger issues prior to meeting Caspar Jopling, for which she received professional help, she told Fearne Cotton on the Happy Place podcast. "I used to be much more irrational," she explained. "I've had a lot of therapy and now I try to listen to people rather than talking all the time. I don't come across as an angry person, but it's definitely something I've had to work on for a long time."

Meeting her now-husband, she said, helped. In fact, she said, she "instantly felt calmer" around him. 

"When I met Caspar, this anger thing just went away. At first it didn't," she recalled. "I did that thing when you first meet someone you really like and you don't show any of your bad traits. I'd sit with my legs crossed and be really tidy and not swear. Now I've got a ring on it, I do whatever I want! But because he's such a calm person, he helped me see things in a different way."

Goulding believes their connection is evergreen, per The Evening Standard, saying at this year's Global Awards, "Being married is still just like being boyfriend and girlfriend with my husband, we're like good mates." Their relationship, she believes, will be in "the honeymoon period forever," adding the two could  "have a laugh."

Her husband is loving, but the two live apart

Living up to his dorkiness, Caspar Jopling is finishing up his master's degree in business at Oxford University. But that means the happy couple live apart, Ellie Goulding told The Mirror. The two initially spent lockdown together in Oxfordshire, but then Goulding moved back to London while Jopling stayed behind to finish his degree. But that's not all bad, as Goulding explained the arrangement works for her. "No I love it!" Ellie said. "I love my husband – but I also love myself. I can read a book. I can go for a run, I can eat messily. So it's really great that you can have a partner that you don't have to be with 24/7 – even when you're married."

And even though they live apart, Caspar continues to be the loving and romantic partner that he was before. "He built me a cover for my cat litter tray," Goulding said. "And he always buys me flowers. I was driving down the motorway in my electric car and I found a little rose in the glovebox."