Does 90 Day Fiance Star Deavan Have A New Actor Boyfriend?

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee faced plenty of hurdles on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. At a bare minimum, they have trouble getting on the same page because of their language barrier, and fans have seen them use a not-so-reliable translator app plenty of times on the show. In addition to their communication struggles, Deavan was very frustrated by Jihoon's perceived inability to come through financially.

Everything came to a head in May 2020, when Deavan revealed that she and her two children (one of whom is Jihoon's son, Taeyang) had returned to the United States after living in Korea with Jihoon. At the time, it wasn't clear whether they were back in her native Utah for a visit or if their stay was more permanent. Then in July 2020, Soap Dirt shared a screenshot from Jihoon's Instagram Story where he said, "I'm done." He also completely cleared out his Instagram page, deleting all photos and unfollowing Deavan. When an Instagram user asked Deavan why he unfollowed her, she responded, "didn't know he did."

In August 2020, Distractify reported that Deavan posted (and quickly deleted) an Instagram Story with Christopher Hyun "Topher" Park, an actor of South Korean descent, who was born in the United States. That's when Jihoon confirmed their split and Deavan's new relationship in an Instagram Story. He said, "Yeah, she has [a] new boyfriend. I saw that post." 

Now, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans want to know more about the new man in Deavan's life — here are all of the details about Topher Park. 

Deavan Clegg's rumored boyfriend is an actor

In an August 2020 Instagram Story, Jihoon Lee confirmed that he found out about Deavan Clegg's rumored new man, Topher Park and that he saw the Instagram Story she quickly deleted. He remarked, "So, wow. I can't believe it, oh my God. Wow," before he revealed, "My plan is [to] just focus on myself." He seemingly tried to keep things cordial, saying, according to In Touch Weekly, "I want my ex and her boyfriend, just [to] be happy. Cause [it's] her choice and [that's the] way she [thinks] [she] will be happy and I'm just [going to] walk to my own way. But we're still Taeyang's parents." It's not evident how long Deavan and Topher have been together. 

Topher seems to be a pretty established actor, according to his IMDb. He's from Los Angeles, Calif., and in addition to acting, he plays guitar, sings, and models. He graduated from UC Riverside in 2015 with a Bachelor's Degree in theater, per his LinkedIn profile. It also looks like Topher is the editor-in-chief of toph&her magazine, and that he has a career in accounting.

Although the timeline is mysterious, it is important to acknowledge that Deavan and Jihoon's story was playing out on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way at the same time Deavan's new relationship with Topher came to light. So it's possible the reality star denied the romance to not spoil the show. Hopefully, Deavan will be able to share more about Topher when Season 2 of the series concludes.