Why Big Brother's Janelle Pierzina Can't Stand Nicole Franzel

When reality TV star Janelle Pierzina got evicted from Big Brother 22, fellow contestant Nicole Franzel had some harsh words for her former friend. "I thought we were really good friends outside of here and quickly I realized that wasn't the case," Nicole said (per Us Weekly). "I know you probably don't want to come to my wedding, so just don't worry about it." 

As difficult as it might've been to be uninvited to Nicole's wedding to fiancé Victor Arroyo during the live broadcast, it wasn't too surprising that Nicole wouldn't want Janelle at the celebration. The two women have been beefing the whole season and that wasn't even the first time Nicole publicly insulted Janelle. During an earlier episode, Nicole chose Janelle to live in the "Have-Not" room and, as if assigning someone to inferior sleeping conditions wasn't awful enough, Nicole threw in this jab with her announcement: "OK, I'm gonna pick someone who hasn't done it before and likes to talk about me, Janelle."

"Nicole has been on my radar since day one because she plays a snake game," Janelle responded during her confessional interview. "She likes to play victim. She likes to back stab, lie, and then cry about it... She doesn't like confrontation, but, guess what? I do." Janelle also called out Nicole face-to-face after she heard Nicole tell contestant Da'Vonne Rogers that she didn't even "plan" to say that to Janelle. But, of course, Janelle didn't buy that story based on their pre-Big Brother interactions.

Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel were on another show together

After Nicole Franzel's "Have-Not" diss, Janelle Pierzina told Us Weekly, "I wanted to rip her to shreds, is what I was thinking. I wanted to make her cry because it's very easy to do so." Janelle should know since Big Brother isn't the only reality TV show the two women took part in together. 

"We played The Amazing Race together and there are situations and scenarios and gameplay that she did where I saw something in her," Janelle told Entertainment Tonight. "I did not trust her because she backstabbed someone. So when I saw her in the house, cool, we had this little past friendship but it is hard for me. I never trusted her." In addition to not trusting Nicole, Janelle believes Nicole is "very insecure."

"I have to constantly tell her she is good," Janelle added. "I just could not keep up with it, honestly, in the house, and obviously she had such an alliance to me at this point. She knows I don't like her." Janelle also thinks Nicole's whining is "insufferable," and that she "absolutely hate[s] hearing her voice." Sure, Big Brother is technically a game, but the tension does spill into real life. Janelle declared she "will not have a relationship with Nicole Franzel once this season has wrapped." Janelle also told Entertainment Weekly she "didn't have the energy" to constantly reassure Nicole and, as soon as Nicole switched rooms, whatever relationship they had "deteriorated."

Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel had issues before 'The Amazing Race'

Before Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel were reality TV co-stars, Nicole rubbed Janelle the wrong way. Janelle revealed to Parade: "Our history dates even before The Amazing Race. At a charity event years ago, I was her roommate. I didn't give her the attention that she wanted. I hung out with other people, and she was upset with me." 

Janelle claimed that Nicole was "upset" that she spent time with other Big Brother alums. Janelle continued, "I didn't give her that attention, and after that, she went around the BB community, saying, 'Janelle scares me; I don't like her.'" Before they filmed The Amazing Race, Janelle got a text that said "Nicole Franzel doesn't like you." As a result, Janelle said she "had to do major damage control on The Amazing Race." 

"She's a very insecure girl, so I had to say we were friends constantly," Janelle continued. "But on the season, we had a Big Brother alliance, and she turned on one of my Big Brother besties, Rachel Reilly. And when you mess with Rachel Reilly, you mess with me. I was extremely turned off to Nicole at that point because she backstabbed her." Nicole's devious behavior wrecked any relationship she and Janelle could've had in the future, as Janelle told Parade her "initial impression of Nicole five years ago is the exact same person she is today."

Janelle wouldn't go to Nicole's wedding anyway

Even if Janelle Pierzina and Nicole Franzel managed to patch up their differences on Big Brother 22, Janelle insisted she "was not going to come anyway" to Nicole's wedding during an Entertainment Tonight interview. "I had a cheer competition with my daughters this weekend," she said, "so I still will keep it classy and send them a nice gift." 

"I appreciated the 'Save the Date' card and the wedding invite, but I was never going to that wedding," Janelle told Us Weekly. "When she backstabbed Rachel Reilly, she completely lost me as a friend. Period." Even though they weren't close, Janelle "wasn't surprised" when she got invited to the wedding, describing Nicole as "one of those people where she tries to be popular or whatever so she's going to invite the [Big Brother] alumni." But Janelle took petty to the next level when she shared a photo of Nicole's wedding invitation on Twitter. "Just received my invite. 3k for hotel so Nicole's reception and hotel stay can basically be comped," Janelle wrote. "Glad I don't have to go. I hate cheap ass weddings where the go to song is Cotton Eyed Joe."

Janelle is more than happy that she does not "have to live with that whiny, horrible, insufferable voice any longer." Clearly, there's no love lost between Janelle and Nicole.