Katelyn Jae: Details You Didn't Know About Kane Brown's Wife

Katelyn Jae (born Katelyn Krapf) first made headlines when she burst on to the scene as country singer Kane Brown's girlfriend. The romance between the two was admittedly a bit of a whirlwind, with the pair getting engaged only eight months after their first began dating in April 2017. Then in October 2018, the couple made it official, saying their I do's during a beautiful ceremony in Franklin, Tenn., People reported. Just a year later, in October of 2019, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Kingsley Rose, per USA Today.

But although some might be quick to write Jae off as just another celebrity spouse, they'd be wrong to do so, as there's so much more than meets the eye when it comes to this young woman. For starters, the Philadelphia native is a successful singer and songwriter in her own right. Not only that, but she also somehow managed to graduate college while pregnant with her very first child. PHEW. Now, that's a feat! You go, girl!

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Katelyn Jae is a musician in her own right

While her hubby, Kane Brown, is well-known for his music career, it turns out Katelyn Jae had a music career of her very own wayyy before she met Brown, churning out songs including "24 KT" and "You don't Have a Chance." In an interview with Taylor Magazine, Jae explained that if it weren't for her music career, she and Brown might never have met. "We met when I was living in Orlando, Florida and I was working on my music career," she recalled. "Kane was just starting out with his music career, and we met through a producer who we were both working with at the time. He was doing a show and I was in the studio in Miami working, and the producer was like, 'Hey, I'm working with this other artist and you should come up here.'"

Once the two met, they immediately became inseparable — so much so that Jae even joined Brown on his first tour with Florida Georgia Line. "He had one bus and there were ten of us on it — all guys," she told Taylor Magazine. "Me and him shared a bunk, and if you've never been on a tour bus, then all you need to know is that they have tiny bunk beds." 

So next time you're wondering if a certain someone could be *the one* consider employing the "bunk bed test." You can thank Jae later!

Going back to college boosted Katelyn Jae's confidence

At one point, while launching her music career and meeting Kane Brown, Katelyn Jae had an epiphany. She suddenly realized that she wanted to delve into the other side of the music industry — music management. During an interview with Taylor Magazine, Jae told the publication that she enrolled in courses at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. "I thought it'd be beneficial for both of us to really understand the industry," she said. "It definitely made me more independent and confident. I learned everything from the legal side, to publishing, to songwriting."

But here's the kicker: she did it while pregnant. As reported by Sounds Like Nashville, Jae later took to Instagram to share her thoughts on her accomplishment, writing, "Finishing my education was the most rewarding thing I have done for myself thus far. If you are thinking whether or not your [sic] going to get your degree or if you can get through the years of college ... DO IT!" 

Pretty solid words to live by, right?

Katelyn Jae is a devoted mother

Perhaps, Katelyn Jae's meaningful achievement to date, however, is becoming a mother to her and Kane Brown's daughter, Kingsley Rose. During an interview with Taylor Magazine, Jae spoke candidly about how her body changed during pregnancy, and what motherhood means to her. "We're about to be young parents which is so fun and scary all at the same time. I feel like my instincts will just all kick in and I'll know exactly what to do." 

As far as being a young mother goes, Jae seemed to welcome the challenge rather than dread it. "We're young, have lots of energy and are traveling a lot so right now is the perfect time to start a family," she declared. And no one is more supportive of Jae than Brown, who told Rare Country, "She honestly keeps my day bright. Always having someone you love right there ... she has made me love this job."

Congrats to the wife, mother, and college graduate for achieving her dreams!