The Real Reason Emmy Presenters Are Wearing Full Hazmat Suits

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to how we live our lives. And no one was prepared for how it would affect the entertainment industry and award shows — packing a theater full of people isn't safe for social-distancing regulations, to say the least. But in the case of the 2020 Emmy Awards, the show must go on, even if that means the Emmy presenters will be wearing tuxedo hazmat suits.

Not having a live audience is far from the only way the 72nd annual Emmy Awards will be different from the awards ceremony years prior. The stylish (or as stylish as a hazmat suit can be) tuxedos were designed by Katja Cahill, a costume designer who's worked at the Oscars and Grammy Awards, in conjunction with Guy Carrington, executive producer of the Emmy Awards.

Here's what to know about the Emmys hazmat suits and why you'll be seeing them on-screen during the awards show on ABC, which will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

The Emmy Awards hazmat suits are for safety during the pandemic

Having presenters wear the tuxedo hazmat suits (as seen below) will "ensure the health and safety of all of our winners and the presenter by following all of the health and safety protocols — with a twist," an Emmys rep told Entertainment Weekly. The hazmat suits won't be worn onstage, as the winners won't be accepting the Emmy Awards in person. Instead, presenters will visit the winners' homes — hence the need for the hazmat suits. At least fans will get to see the winners' live reactions to their victories?

And while this is hardly the awards show anyone had in mind, there is something that's sort of fun about being able to see stars' homes on the broadcast. "Only dream job: delivering BEST DRAMA emmy to vince gilligan's house in a hazmat suit (it better be @BetterCallSaul )," one fan tweeted. But another questioned what it would be like to have the presenters show up at your house, writing, "Imagine winning an Emmy and suddenly a person in a black hazmat suit/tuxedo appears in your house and hands it to you girl bye I'd be having nightmares for years."

Fans are roasting the concept of the Emmys hazmat suits

It's great that the awards show is taking strides to keep winners safe, but the concept of the Emmys hazmat suits seems so absurd that you do have to laugh. (Just imagine telling someone a year ago that presenters would be wearing hazmat suits for a virtual awards show!) From the suit design to the fact that awards shows aren't exactly a top priority during a pandemic, there were plenty of jokes to be made about the situation.

"Glad to hear celebrities are still getting their trophies during the pandemic. At least some things can be normal," one fan wrote in the perfect deadpan tweet. "Wow glad they labeled the hazmat suit 'Emmys,' so we can tell," another person tweeted. You have to admit, the label on the black tuxedo is pretty funny. Others questioned why the awards ceremony is continuing at all, with one person writing, "This will be mocked for years to come. And It looks like they're making fun of the pandemic. Ridiculous."

The Emmys hazmat suits are a little ridiculous, but at least they'll be keeping people safe during the show. And the home visits to celebrity winners are one thing to keep an eye out for during the broadcast.