This Is What Kristy Katzmann Does For A Living

The following article contains spoilers for Labor of Love.

Kristy Katzmann won fans over on Fox's reality dating show Labor of Love, which is unlike any other dating-based reality show. The goal is less romance and more motherhood, as the tagline for the show states (via Bustle): "Love is optional, labor is mandatory." Katzmann herself mentioned in a Facebook clip that for the show that if she didn't find the right man, she was ready to be a mom by herself. That is some epic determination!

Labor of Love – hosted by Sex and the City's Kristin Davis – showed Katzmann's journey as she met 15 eligible suitors (and dads!). The series ended with her choosing Air Force veteran Kyle Klinger, according to Men's Health. They ended up splitting up after the season ended, but Katzmann is still dedicated to pursuing motherhood.

She sought out IVF treatments, but the coronavirus pandemic halted her plans. According to Men's Health, Katzmann planned on resuming her treatments in August 2020. On Instagram in September 2020, Katzmann posted a teaser for her appearance on the podcast The Single Greatest Choice. In the caption, she shared a special phrase that's applicable to her journey now that Labor of Love is over: SMC (Single Mother by Choice). There's so much to love about Katzmann and so many details about her life that we want to explore, especially what she does for a living. 

Kristy Katzmann's many enterprises

Kristy Katzmann calls herself a Boss Babe in her Instagram bio and she isn't kidding! (She also added "Mother-to-Be," so it looks like Katzmann is getting everything she wanted.)

According to her LinkedIn profile, Katzmann is a "Holistic Health and Beauty expert" with experience and education in "alternative medicine, acupuncture and herbal practice." Per her profile, in August 2019, Katzmann began working with Ora Organic as a Key Account Manager. Ora Organic is a health and wellness startup that creates organic and plant-based nutritional supplements, according to its website.

Likely thanks to thousands of followers on social media, Katzmann also has sponsored content on Instagram with Pura Vida jewelry and Sanctuary Project jewelry, an organization that employs survivors of trafficking, violence and addiction. She's also one of the co-founders of the blog The Modern Mamanista, which is focused on supporting women as they embrace their inner beauty.

It seems like Katzmann keeps herself busy with a handful of uplifting enterprises. You go, Mama-to-Be!