Look At How 90 Day Fiance's Caesar Mack Has Transformed

There is nothing like heartbreak and a pandemic to jumpstart your gym motivation. Case in point: 90 Day Fiance's Caesar Mack has been hitting the gym during the COVID-19 lockdown, and he's proudly showing off his slimmed waist and muscle gains on Instagram. 

Fans of Before the 90 Days Season 3 will remember Caesar as the hopelessly devoted boyfriend to his Ukrainian girlfriend, Maria, who he had never met. After years of dating and allegedly sending her hundreds of thousands of dollars, the nail tech attempted to meet Maria in Mexico. But while hunkered down his hotel room overlooking the ocean, the North Carolina learned the unpleasant news that Maria's ticket had been supposedly canceled due to insufficient funds, even after he sent her the money to fly. Caesar got broken up with over the phone, and many viewers suspected Maria never intended to meet him or solidify their romance. However, in May 2020, Caesar claimed to have finally synced up with Maria in Ukraine, but surprise — it didn't work out in the end.

Either way, things are looking up for Caesar, as he transformed his body and reportedly has a new reality TV show on the horizon. Let's take a look below at how 90 Day Fiance's Caesar Mack has changed.

Caesar Mack is working on his fitness

There are two possible reasons Caesar Mack would work on his physique right now — his personal growth and overall health. First off, he is coming off his break up with Maria, and what better way to show what your ex lost by transforming your body while also gaining some self-esteem? Maybe we can set him up with Khloé Kardashian for a conversation about his transformation and revenge body.

The second reason Caesar is getting into shape is to prepare for his reported stint on Discovery's Naked and Afraid. He recently confirmed his participation by replying to an Instagram comment asking if the rumors were true. "Yes that's write," he wrote, later commenting again to correct himself by typing "right**," per Soap Dirt. It makes sense he would be adamant about the gym, considering he will soon be dropped off in the wild completely naked with nothing besides one personal item. 

The reality TV star has posted several pictures at the gym, and he seems to be happy about his new fitness situation. In a video post of himself working out, he wrote, "Let's shake the world up with positivity hell yeah," and in an Instagram photo, he asked fans, "How is your Saturday? Who is getting fit with me?? " It seems that Caesar is ready to motivate both himself and his fans. You go, Caesar! 

Caesar Mack isn't worried about dating

After Caesar Mack's relationship with Maria fell apart, he tried dating a woman named Aya from New Orleans. However, it ended when Caesar suspected he was being used for money. But don't feel bad for him, as the reality star isn't sitting home all day wallowing in his disappointment. "Right now, I'm not talking to anybody," he said during a June 2020 appearance on the Domenick Nati Show. "I'm still single right now. All I'm doing is just working out, lifting weights, running on my treadmill. And that's it." You do you, Caesar!

As for Maria, he has successfully moved on from the situation. "My current status with Maria is we really don't talk," Caesar shared. "I'm assuming that we're friends. I don't have any ill will towards her. I don't have anything bad to say about her. But, the thing is, we just haven't been talking."

All in all, it sounds like Caesar is doing great these days.