Why The Masked Singer Fans Are Divided About The Sun

The season four premiere of The Masked Singer just might have been the most impressive one yet. This season, 16 contestants are vying for the golden mask trophy and the talent is through the roof! The first episode saw five acts take the stage (although it was six singers — more on that later). Up first, The Sun set the precedent for the entire season, as this mystery performer might be the greatest talent that has taken the stage thus far. Fans across social media are already convinced they know who this singer is, but let's consider the clues first.

Looking at The Sun's costume, it's clear that the star must be a petite woman. Her clue package included a badge that said Gold Member and she made references to once being the center of the universe before falling into a deep depression. There was a graphic of the world with strategically placed trees that resembled Mickey Mouse ears and she mentioned being "frozen." There also appeared to be a big cat and a small dog. She then stepped on stage and sang Lizzo's "Crying 'Cuz I Love You." When we say we were blown away, we mean we were truly stunned by the sheer beauty of that voice! But who is it? Let's discuss.

Fans think The Sun is definitely Demi Lovato... or Christina Aguilera

Twitter immediately decided The Sun had to be Demi Lovato and, quite frankly, many of the clues fit. Lovato obviously has Disney roots, as she starred in Disney Channel's Sonny With a Chance. Lovato has also been very public about her battle with substance abuse and her subsequent recovery. Lovato even recorded the single version of "Let It Go" from Frozen, tying back to that clue, as well. Twitter was so convinced that Lovato's The Sun, in fact, that her name became a trending topic during The Masked Singer's premiere.

However, not everyone was on board with the idea. Many have decided it might be Christina Aguilera instead. While Twitter elevated the "Dirrty" singer to trending topic status, too, other than the voice sounding strong enough to be Aguilera's, we're not quite seeing a match with the clues.

Of course, there are the outliers who have thrown a variety of other guesses into the mix. Some sided with judge Nicole Scherzinger in thinking it might be American Idol alum Katharine McPhee, but we're placing our money on country legend LeAnn Rimes. Not only did the singer recently open up about anxiety and depression with People, but she also had a concert special on Disney when she was younger. We'd even go so far as to say the Chihuahua in the clue package might be a tribute to her very own Chihuahua that was killed in a tragic coyote accident in 2019. Regardless, we're already sure The Sun will go down in Masked Singer history!