The Masked Singer Fans Have Some Theories About The Snow Owls

For the first time ever, The Masked Singer has a duo as one of its acts. Yes, you read that right — usually each masked singer is a solo artist, but Season 4 has a set of Snow Owls. Before they even opened their mouths, Twitter assumed the personalities behind the disguise would be obvious choices, such as like Chloe x Halle or the Olsen twins, but those ideas were shoved out the window when the duo began to sing — it's a man and a woman!

The clue package for this one is proving to be a little bit tricky. They said they hadn't been seen together in awhile, and the female owl very clearly says, "Oh, brother!" with emphasis on "brother," leading us to think of siblings. They also referenced snow and Christmas, and there was a street sign for Magnolia and Quarrel Canyon. They also mentioned that the male owl is a prankster and a wise guy. 

So who could the duo be who brought everyone to tears singing "Say Something" by A Great Big World?

Fan are hatching theories about the Snow Owls' identities

Twitter is split over the potential identities of The Masked Singer's Snow Owls. Two popular sibling predictions: Donny and Marie Osmond or Derek and Julianne Hough. One wise guesser who is leaning on the Houghs tweeted: "Y'all think about it...they have to keep the Snow Owls in the egg because if they started dancing we would automatically know it's Derek and Julianne." They are absolutely not wrong there! The Hough siblings are definitely known for their dancing more than their vocals, but they do sing!

Judge Jenny McCarthy guessed it might be the Osmonds, and fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger agreed with her. They even pointed out that one of the snow owls was doing the "pecking" motions that the Peacock did on Season 1. Because, oh yeah, Donny Osmond has already been on the show. How likely is it that he'd be on a second time? Who knows?

There are also some rogue guessers who don't actually think the two are siblings but perhaps a married couple — namely Clint and Lisa Black. Even judge Robin Thicke guessed married couple Amy Grant and Vince Gill. We still think it's a sibling pair, though, but maybe not literally. Maybe it's two people who played siblings on screen. While we don't really think it's Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel, who played siblings in High School Musical, we love that this person went that route with their guess. We think they're on the right track!