Here's How Much Bringing Up Bates Star Carlin Bates Is Really Worth

The Bates family from UPtv's Bringing Up Bates are known for their conservative values and long friendship with the Duggar family from Counting On. Committed to their religion, community, and family, the Bates — led by parents Gil and Kelly Jo — tend to do things that might seem nontraditional to some. For example, women of the family seemingly can't wear pants before getting married, and young adults don't "date" in the traditional sense — they court for marriage.

Although this has earned the family both praise and criticism, no matter what your opinion about the Bates might be, there's no denying they've raked in quite a bit of money along the way. Yep, the Bates family has brought up more than just their 19 kids — they've also raised quite the fortune, thanks to their longtime reality TV show (it first premiered in 2015) and various appearances at conferences. Additionally, Gil brought in money for the family from his tree excavating company and work as a pastor.

What's curious, though, is the difference in earnings between the family members. Although all of them have seemingly earned some money from the reality television business, some have made more moolah than others. And Carlin Bates is reportedly among one of the highest earners in the clan, an impressive feat we expand on after the jump.

Carlin Bates might be worth more than her father

The patriarch of the Bates family, Gil Bates, is reportedly worth around $250,000, per Showbiz Cheat Sheet. That's starkly different from his reality television colleagues and close friends, the Duggars, whose patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, is worth about $3.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Although Carlin Bates' exact net worth is not known, there's an arguably good chance she's worth more than Gil, as she has parlayed her reality TV fame into multiple businesses. For starters, Carlin co-owns a clothing boutique with her sister, Erin, and their sister-in-law, Whitney, called "Bates Sisters' Boutique." They began the venture in 2019, according to Knox News, and the store expanded shortly after, per a separate report by the outlet. The biz, which Erin called "a shot in the dark," has over 178,000 followers on Instagram as of this writing. Then there's Carlin's YouTube channel that she launched with her husband, Evan Stewart (pictured above). The channel has 82,000 subscribers as of this writing, and they likely earn money off of video ads. Not to mention, Evan works as an electrician's apprentice and is going to school to prepare for the role. Electricians in Tennessee generally make $46,000, per ZipRecruiter.   

Carlin and Evan aren't shy about spending their money, as they posted a YouTube video in July 2020 about buying Carlin's "dream car," and, in September 2020, they uploaded a vid about potentially purchasing a new house. Yep, it sounds like Carlin is doing just fine!