The One Thing That '70s Show Fans Missed In The Finale

That '70s Show is something of an unexpected classic. The sitcom was never a ratings juggernaut, nor a television darling. Instead, the series, which ran on Fox from 1998 until 2006, developed a cult following. Of course, it didn't hurt that the the show launched the careers of some of the brightest stars in Hollywood today — Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis immediately come to mind. However, the rest of the "teenage" cast (with the exception of Kunis, the "teenagers" were well into their 20s for most of the show) have done quite well for themselves, too.

Part of what made That '70s Show such a success – besides its charming cast – was the attention to detail on the part of the show's writers and creative team. The series didn't beat the audience over the head with 1970s references or jargon, instead letting the set and costumes do most of the heavy lifting so the actors could focus on the relationships between the characters. When the series aired its finale in 2006, the relationships and attention to detail were still present, so present, in fact, that there might have been a detail you overlooked.

One last '70s circle

"That '70s Finale" has a number of moments that bring things back around full circle to the first episode, "That '70s Pilot." The finale takes place on New Year's Eve 1980, the last day of the '70s. The kids have grown up, the cast has changed and everyone is about to go their separate ways. As much as things have changed, however, the series ends basically where it began: in the basement with a party going on upstairs.

While the setting is similar, there are a couple of other details that reflect the situation presented in the pilot. Sitting in the basement, Hyde regales the group with a story of a car that could potentially run on water instead of gas — a story he attempted to tell in the pilot episode. The smallest detail, however, comes from the costuming department. The down-to-earth, suburban mom that she is, Kitty is wearing the same outfit at her New Year's Eve party as she wore to her party in the first episode. It's not just a sight gag for eagle-eyed fans, but a good character moment for Kitty. 

While things certainly changed for the characters over the eight seasons (and three-and-a-half in-universe years), Kitty still has her floral skirt and party blouse ready to go.