The Shady Side Of Katie Holmes' New Boyfriend

Perhaps the only good news to come out of 2020 is that Katie Holmes has seemingly found love again. Holmes' new relationship is anything but lowkey as the famous actress has been spotted all over New York City, making out practically nonstop with beaux Emilio Vitolo. The pair were first linked in early September 2020, when they were photographed getting cozy at an upscale restaurant in Soho, per Page Six. Since then, there's been a constant stream of paparazzi shots of Holmes and Vitolo holding hands, grabbing coffee, having dinner, pulling their masks down to steal a quick kiss, and the list goes on.

Vitolo is both a restauranteur and an occasional actor, so he and Holmes hit it off right away. "He understands Katie's career and gets the pressure of fame," a source explained to InTouch. "Emilio is charming and witty and constantly has Katie in hysterics. Since they started dating, she hasn't stopped smiling. He lets Katie be herself." 

Holmes might be all smiles, but there's someone who isn't: Vitolo's ex. It turns out the charming and successful NYC restauranteur may have done a pretty shady thing when he first got together with the star.

Emilio Vitolo may have had a secret when he met Katie Holmes

When Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo were first seen together on Sept. 1, 2020, fans were excited that the actress — whose most significant relationship involved a very public divorce from Tom Cruise — had moved on. What they didn't realize, though, is that her new man may have had a dirty little secret. He was apparently engaged!

The first photo of Holmes and Vitolo to hit the stands was a snap of the star giggling while grabbing lunch with Vitolo in Soho. Outlets immediately picked up the story and declared the two the newest it couple. The last to know about the budding romance was apparently Vitolo's longtime fiancé, Rachel Emmons, whom he reportedly dumped via text message just hours after the story broke. Speaking to Page Six, a source claimed that Emmons was devastated. "Rachel moved out of their apartment on September 2 with only what she could carry with her," they explained. "She left her engagement ring and all her furniture behind."

Holmes and Vitolo reportedly met through friends in 2019 and hit it off right away, so much so that she pulled some strings to get him cast as her romantic opposite in a short film in August 2020. Though the timeline is definitely suspicious, those close to the couple maintain that Holmes had nothing to do with the breakup. "[Vitolo and Emmons] had major issues that were insurmountable," a friend told Page Six. Would those be "issues" pronounced like Katie Holmes?