The Gremlin's Big Reveal Has The Masked Singer Fans Talking

Well, it finally happened. Someone unmasked themselves before even getting booted from The Masked Singer. On the second episode of the fourth season, six new contestants took the stage to show off their vocals, all while under an elaborate mask and costume. Singer after singer stepped up, showed off their clues, sang their songs, and let the judges take a stab at who they were.

The last singer of the night wore a Gremlin costume to sing "Stand by Me" by Ben E. King. However, Gremlin later told the judges that Willy Deville also recorded a version of the song and he was a close friend who passed away a few years ago. But when Gremlin finished singing, he told host Nick Cannon that he wanted to take the mask off. It was hard to tell what was going to happen — was he going to unmask himself? Was this scripted? Was this a joke?

Alas, it did happen. The Gremlin essentially told Cannon and the judges that he was through with his time on the show and wanted to take the mask off. Despite Cannon sending in the Men in Black — the show's fake security guards — to get Gremlin under control, he took his mask off and revealed himself before giving anyone a chance to vote on who should be sent home. Wanna know who it was?

Mickey Rourke unmasked himself and made his exit

When the Masked Singer judges took their guesses as to who might be under the Gremlin mask, it was Jenny McCarthy who thought it might be Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke. She said that the voice sounded like someone she'd had as a guest on her SiriusXM show, The Jenny McCarthy Show. McCarthy added that the voice sounded like Rourke, locking in her guess as to who was under the Gremlin mask.

And she was right.

Rourke ripped his mask off, saying he was done with the show. When host Nick Cannon asked him why he'd decided to do the show, he simply said, "Was in the neighborhood." He then went on to say he enjoyed the show and thought he'd give it a chance. But one episode was clearly enough for him.

Twitter collectively lost it when he removed himself from the competition, sharing all kinds of thoughts. One person joked about the level of chaos that could only be caused by Rourke, and another gave a hilarious nod to how quickly Rourke pulled off his mask, sang his way out, and walked off the stage. There were even viewers who had no idea who Rourke was, but loved his exit all the same. Needless to say, Rourke definitely made this episode interesting.