The Truth About Clint Eastwood's Girlfriend

Clint Eastwood is one of the greatest actors Hollywood has ever seen. Although he has played some of the most famous action heroes, there is nothing more dramatic than the legend's personal life. Since the late '60s, the Man With No Name has had multiple marriages and relationships, with the majority resulting in at least one child

According to Wide Open Country, Eastwood's first wife Maggie Johnson gave birth to his first child, Kyle Eastwood, in 1968. During their marriage, the award-winning actor had an extra-marital child, Kimber Eastwood, in 1964. Per Hollywood Life, the actor also had another affair during his marriage with Johnson which resulted in the birth of Laurie Murray, who was originally put up for adoption and didn't connect with her biological dad until her 30s. Eastwood and Johnson had a second child, Alison Eastwood, in 1972 prior to their divorce in 1978.

Then came Scott and Kathryn Ann Eastwood in 1986 and 1988 with flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves, and Francesca Eastwood with actress Frances Fisher in 1993. The youngest Eastwood child is Morgan Eastwood, whom the actor had with his second wife Dina Eastwood in 1996. Per ABC News, the two were married from 1996 to 2014. 

Coincidentally, at the age of 84 years old, Eastwood met his current girlfriend the same year he divorced Dina. Keep scrolling to learn more about his current love interest. 

Clint Eastwood is 'truly happy' with girlfriend Christina Sandera

It looks as though the rolling stone has finally settled down. According to Yahoo Entertainment, Clint Eastwood has been dating Christina Sandera since 2014, when he was 84 to her 50 years old. As of writing, the couple is still going strong. Reportedly, the two met when Sandera was working as a hostess in the Mission Ranch Hotel, one of Eastwood's properties. The new couple immediately fell in love and made their big public debut six months later at the 2015 Oscars red carpet where they were "the talk of the town," Yahoo reported. 

An insider told the Daily Mail in 2020 that the actor is "truly happy" with Sandera. "She's fun, easygoing and his kids like her too," shared the source. "She's on an even keel like he is." The source added that a 90-year-old Eastwood "eats healthy and has a private chef who cooks high protein, low-fat cuisine for him. He exercises every day, with weight training, and he still does push-ups?!"

As of Oct. 2020, the two currently live in Eastwood's $20 million Carmel home, which was previously occupied by (and built for) Clint's second wife, Dina Eastwood.