This Is Why Demi Moore Stole Rihanna's Lingerie Show

Demi Moore is proving she is still one of the hottest women alive. The Ghost actress was featured in Rihanna's highly anticipated, reimagined Savage X Fenty lingerie fashion show wearing, of course, lingerie and diamonds. The show streamed on Amazon Prime Video on Oct. 2, 2020, and featured models like Bella Hadid and Cara Delevingne, and stars like Paris Hilton, Lizzo, Irina Shayk, and even Big Sean.

During the event, Moore popped up in the center of a rotating bed with the brand's "Savage Not Sorry" black lace thong teddy and "Commitment Issues" fishnet body stocking, according to Page Six. The actress lounged in a diamond choker as a group of lingerie-wearing models danced around her. On Instagram, fans commented plenty of flame emojis for the Striptease actress on a short clip of the event.

In July 2020, Harper's Bazaar revealed that Moore was serving as the executive producer and star of the erotic podcast Dirty Diana. Of the podcast, the actress told the outlet: "A big part of doing this is really removing the fear attached to [sex], sharing and opening up the discussion to normalize it." She continued, "[w]e feel pleasure and that's not a broken part of us. That's a natural God-given part of us and how we work. It's not a mistake, but we haven't had enough comfort to explore that."

Demi Moore is a veteran model

Demi Moore made her Savage x Fenty debut looking like she's modeled for years — and that's because she has. The mother-of-three got her break in the entertainment industry when she was a teenager by taking a calculated risk and posing nude for a photographer recommended by her friend. In her 2019 memoir Inside Out (via People), she detailed that the photographer sold pictures to magazines in Japan, and the money she could earn enticed her.

"Fortunately, the photographer turned out to be very professional, even as he was encouraging me to strike all sorts of provocative poses," Moore wrote. "I was comforted when he told me about a Japanese law prohibiting photos showing pubic hair—I could tell myself I was only posing seminude, which seemed much better than the alternative." Moore was underage at the time, but the images landed her a contract with Elite Model Agency, where she began a fruitful modeling career.

Demi Moore's enthusiasm for Rihanna's lingerie show helped her shine

On top of being a seasoned model, the genuine enjoyment Demi Moore received from being cast in Rihanna's Savage X Fenty lingerie fashion show pushed her performance to the top. "It was such a wonderful, unexpected call to receive," she recounted (via Daily Mail) about being asked to perform in the groundbreaking show. She also gushed that Rihanna is a "real pioneer."

Speaking of blazing the way to a new norm, some may notice the About Last Night actress, is older than most runway models. While Moore has gone through body image ups and downs, industry pressure to lose weight (via Entertainment Tonight), and plastic surgery rumors, she has learned to use self-reflection as a way to find peace in her mind. "It's a process of learning to love yourself. Accepting who you are just as you are," she told the Jess Cagle Show in July 2020.

Moore was full of self-love and love from others as she prepared for the Savage X Fenty show. "I'll tell you the most incredible thing was the open outpouring of love and support from everyone, but especially all of the women," she shared. Plus, being "a lot older" than most involved in the production is part of the inclusivity Rihanna was going for, as Moore confirmed. "I hope that they walk away seeing the value of the inclusivity of seeing beauty in every shape and size and expression," she grinned.

Rihanna wants 'inclusivity' in her brand

Demi Moore wasn't the only celebrity at the Savage X Fenty lingerie fashion show. Savage ambassador and singer Normani was also present at the event. The former Fifth Harmony star made headlines in 2019 after debuting a choreographed dance in Fenty lingerie.

"Inclusivity has always been a part of our brand," Rihanna told People magazine going into the 2020 showcase. "That's not a 'right now' thing. It's sad that it's right now for most brands. But that's always been who I am. It's always been how I operate with everything I've done creatively, whether it's makeup or lingerie."

The "Diamonds" singer continued, "I get really excited to see people be a part of my brand. It's not like I went into it thinking, 'Let's make a movement.' I feel great that there are women that are feeling like they see themselves on the stage for the first time. And if we can continue to expand on that, we've done more than we really started out trying to do."