The Eyebrow-Raising Theory About The Popcorn On The Masked Singer

In her first two performances on Season 4 of The Masked Singer, Popcorn has shown up to impress. In her first appearance, Popcorn took on Pink's "What About Us" and brought everyone to their feet. Proving she's not a one-hit-wonder, Popcorn sang "Falling" by Harry Styles in her second appearance, once again knocking it out of the park. The judges were thoroughly impressed, and we're sure if there was actually an audience in attendance, they would also be amazed!

The judges registered their guesses for Popcorn, deviating slightly from where they were following her previous performance. Original guesses included Mary J. Blige and Tina Turner, but after her second performance, the judges' guesses included Katy Perry, Vanessa Williams, and Gloria Gaynor. Twitter got in on the guessing game too, and, of course, we've got our own predictions for Popcorn. 

But first, let's discuss the internet's theory, shall we? 

This Popcorn theory cooked up a lot of confusion online

Twitter is actually in a bit of an uproar. So many fans of the Masked Singer were guessing that Popcorn is Tina Turner that it caused the legendary singer's name to trend, triggering some unintended consequences, like concern that something bad had happened to her, which just made Turner's name trend even more! Long story short: There's a lot of talk about Turner on Twitter. 

However, some people have pointed out that the "Proud Mary" singer has been retired for awhile and currently lives in Switzerland, making her an unlikely candidate for the show. We tend to agree with that assumption, mostly because we have our own guess about Popcorn: Taylor Dayne.

Dayne seemingly fits the clues as well. In the first episode, Popcorn revealed she built a career around love, and the scenery was all New York. In her second clue package, she mentioned health troubles as a young person and also made a reference to Venus. Dayne is a native New Yorker and talked about her childhood illnesses and bouts of anxiety with the New York Post. She built a career singing love songs, including 1988's "Tell It to My Heart," and it's worth noting that Venus is the goddess of love.

There you have it. Our money is on Dayne as Popcorn!